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October 9, 2006

This taveling is getting a little outta control…

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Ok so I thought I was hanging onto my youth by being spur of the moment and going on any random trip but this is starting to get out of control. In about a three week span I will have gone on four separate trips. The first one was Lee’s sisters wedding in Portland. Then our crazy trip up to Vegas. Then a few days later Autumn called me and asked me if I wanted to drive with her to Utah on her way to Idaho so she wouldn’t be driving alone with the kids. And I always feel guilty that my mom doesn’t get to see her grand-baby more so of course I said yes. And while I was there I found out that my uncle passed away and now I am about to turn around and walk right out my door to drive to Vegas again for the funeral.(We just got home from Utah late last night). That is a lot of time on the road. I guess I feel like I have to go to every family function because I am the oldest and feel like it is my responsibility to set a good example and try to keep all of my family close. I almost feel like if I don’t do it, no one will. It is the main source of stress in my life. Since we live so far away I feel obligated to make every effort to see my family when ever I can. And it does get tiring traveling with an infant. OK Ok so enough complaining…I know my problems are not even that big of a deal comparatively speaking…but you know how it is, girls just like to vent. Anyway so I missed Grey’s anatomy last week so if anyone has it recorded will you please save it for me. And I won’t get to go to sewing night this week, but I will miss you girls and try to come next week. (Maybe I will make treats :) )

You have got to love the wide open spaces of utah…And about one time a year I miss the cold too(then I remember I am a warm weather girl).


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  1. Dang, sorry Grey’s was deleted from our TVo, and I missed sewing night too. Hopefully this Monday will prove better luck for both of us! P.S. I’m jealous you got to enjoy the fall weather and wide open spaces of Utah for a moment… even if it meant driving for 10 hours to get there! Good luck in Vegas!

    Comment by Chantel — October 12, 2006 @ 4:27 am

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