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September 20, 2007


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Lee was out of town for the past couple of days and when he leaves I am pretty much useless. For some reason when I know he’s not coming home for a while I find it particularly hard to change out of my sweats.  Yeah I know, I am one of those moms. Anyway I got a little antsy waiting for him to come home yesterday so I used that time to kool-aid dye some merino yarn. I was just winging it this time and the colors came out very sugary.
knitting 066

I am a little bummed about the picture because it came out kinda blurry and I didn’t realize that until I had already wound it into a ball (it doesn’t look as cute that way). So oh well you get the general idea. Now I just have to find something to knit with it. Probably something for Carmen. I have been obsessed with yarn lately. I have been drooling over all the hand painted sock yarns on etsy. Since they are so expensive I tried to make my own creation. Not quite as striking as the ones on etsy, but I am still new at this.  The teal was a mixture of blue raspberry and lime.  The pink was strawberry lemonade, and the purple was grape mixed with a little of the strawberry lemonade and the blue raspberry.

It boggles my mind that some little 25 cent package of kool-aid  can dye yarn.  And I washed it already so I know the colors wont dye your head Technicolors if you get sweaty.  It does still smell fruity though.



  1. What lovely colours – much better than my Kool-aid yarn! I may have to try your mixtures.

    Comment by Sooz — September 20, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

  2. Your colors turned out great! I can’t wait to see what you make out of it. I’m kinda obsessed with teal.

    Comment by Melinda — September 21, 2007 @ 7:12 pm

  3. I haven’t seen you forever. Come back to the world!

    oh yah, the yarn is beautiful. I want to smell it! And I love how you make your beautiful wood flooring the backdrop for your pictures. Funny.

    Comment by Wendy — September 21, 2007 @ 9:06 pm

  4. I love those colors and the beanie turned out so cute! Wanna make me one too? :)

    Comment by Chantel — September 22, 2007 @ 5:34 pm

  5. P.S. I’m looking forward to some cold nights out so I can bust out my wrist warmers from last season!

    Comment by Chantel — September 22, 2007 @ 5:35 pm

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