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January 6, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution

Filed under: family, friends — Jana @ 8:02 pm

Lee. Phil. Dance Dance Revolution.

I may be tempting karma with this one, or at the very least Chantel… She got more footage than I did.



  1. That is funny in a SCARY sort of way. Nothing like watching two old guys do dance, dance revolution!! Holy Smokes. I chuckled the whole time I watched it!!

    Comment by Gwenny — January 6, 2008 @ 10:17 pm

  2. now that’s entertainment!

    Comment by Wendy — January 6, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

  3. That’s hilarious! Lets see you next time.

    Comment by Linds — January 7, 2008 @ 6:14 am

  4. i never thought i would love our xbox so much but these type of games are so addicting.

    Comment by debbie — January 7, 2008 @ 8:04 am

  5. I love that they were so into it. But I think Carmen was the best dancer there!

    Comment by Traci — January 7, 2008 @ 1:41 pm

  6. Yeah! Go white boys go!

    Comment by Melinda — January 7, 2008 @ 7:00 pm

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANA! Have a great day.

    Comment by Misty — January 8, 2008 @ 11:23 am

  8. Happy Birthday! It seems like you were just here. Oh wait, it’s still only been 11 hours. We’re such party animals.

    Comment by happygoshoppy — January 8, 2008 @ 12:45 pm

  9. I love how Carmen is dancing too. I hope that you are having a great birthday today!!!

    Comment by Reese — January 8, 2008 @ 4:33 pm

  10. OK so we just played Rock Band at a friend’s house. We have to get together with you guys and play it –it is sooo fun.

    Comment by Krystal — January 12, 2008 @ 5:21 pm

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