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July 17, 2009

so you think you can dance with moseley?

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Yes, yes we did.

(if you don’t watch/like the show, or you don’t want the “magic” ruined for you, stop reading now… this will be long and detailed)

I signed up to get tickets for SYTYCD a month or two back, thinking that it was like american idol… and that I had to sign up for tickets a year or two in advance.  That way I would get to go next year and I wouldn’t have a nursing baby at the time we went.  Well, I guess not because last week I got the email saying I did have tickets if I wanted to sign up.  I really love that show, and even though Moseley is super young, at a whim I signed up anyway.

I wanted to see the group performance, so I just hit the 8:30 am taping, without really thinking it through much.  Yeah, so 8:30 is the time you have to be there, but there is a line… oh and we live like 2 hours away from LA.  Like I said, didn’t think it through.

We ended up staying the night in Huntington, and waking up at 4:15 to get ready and drive up to LA.  We got there around 6am, to the CBS studio. We asked the gate person where to go and she pointed to one random dude, standing on the corner and said “that’s the line right there.”  Oh, so I guess you don’t have to get there that early, but since we don’t live in LA we would have had to beat traffic anyway… so there was no way to avoid the early wake up.

Turns out that one random dude had been there since 4 am because him and 2 friends had flown in from Kentucky the day before!  Wow, now that is dedication.

Anyway we had Moseley with us in line in the stroller because my cousin Holly who lives 15 min away, was coming to pick him up right before they let us in.  Well, they started to let people in 15 minutes early, so I was panicking that they wouldn’t let me come in with Moseley there… Until the guy that worked at the studio “Mike” took a liking to the baby.  He thought Moseley was super cute and told me that he would still let me in if my cousin got there soon.  Right then she pulled up, I threw him in her car, and dashed inside.

We had to check in our cell phones, so the only pictures we got were outside in line. 

The way they let people in was not random at all… They put our nice but rather plain looking friends from Kentucky in one row to wait, and thanks to my hottie friends and having a cute baby, they put us in another against the back wall.  They ushered all the “cuties” (i.e. 14 year-olds  in mini dresses that were supposed to be shirts) to the row we were sitting in, and all the normal looking people to the middle section. Oh and PS why are there so many mothers out there letting their teenage girls wear skirts that short?  Don’t they even love them at all?

Anyway we got to be right up front.  Wade Robson was the choreographer so he walked and stood right by us the whole time… It was awesome!

I guess the reason why that opening group number is always so perfect was because they record it about 10 times from different angles and edit out when someone drops a fan, or their hair piece falls out, or they just plain forget the steps.

It was really cool seeing it from such a close perspective.  Way better in person because you get to see all the small details.  I guess I thought when we went, that we would go see a basic run through of the whole show, and if they messed up, they would re-do that one part.  No, they do it over and over  until it is perfect and when the camera is off almost every one just becomes normal people.  Everyone was joking around and talking in between takes, and after every take, people would run out to retouch makeup, give them water, and hold a little fan on them so they wouldn’t get too sweaty for the next take.  The people who’s personality I thought were the coolest were Randy and Jeanette.  They were right in front of us, and they were laughing and doing movie one liners, and talking to the crowd the whole time.  Randy was so funny because she would always yell out something funny after they said clear.  Like after one she said ” Oh man i totally had snot running out of my nose while the camera was on a close-up of my face!”  It was also funny seeing her get her leotard double stick taped to her butt.  And at one point some girls in the audience yelled ” We Love You Jason!”  and she goes “he’s single too” and then someone yelled ” what about Brandon, is he single too?” and she says “Yeah, but he’s batting for the other team.”  Then she got this shocked look on her face when we all laughed, because I guess she didn’t realize that we could all hear her.

I thought the guys were all basically really boring and serious.  They didn’t do much between takes.  Brandon is TINY!  He looks huge and muscly on TV, but in real life he is toned, but he is as short as randy, so he is just a little guy.  All of the dancers were basically tiny.  Jeanette was the smallest, and VERY flexible.  Even Ade who is the tallest was probably no taller than me.  They are all super ripped.  Kat Deely looks like a cartoon.  She is SUPER skinny and all her features are exaggerated. She looks semi-normal on TV, but she has super skinny legs and arms.  Super tall high heels.  Big lips and eyelashes, a skinny face, and big messy hair.  She never messed up once.  Mary Murphy looks the same, although not as loud in real life, it think they must mike her up super loud for the show.

When you go in for the morning taping, you are automatically guaranteed a ticket back in for the afternoon one.  Since we found out black eyed peas were playing, there was no way we were going to miss it.  Our friend mike found us in afternoon line again and took a picture of Moseley with his cell phone, and throughout the rest of the night we saw him walking around telling people that it was his son, and showing them the picture.  He also winked at us and reassured us we would get a good spot in the later taping.  So Moseley ended up being  our little lucky charm, because we were right up front!  Black Eyed Peas were awesome!  They were so good.  And it was cool because before they were ready to tape (which they do an hour before the actual live show starts) they were just walking around the stage looking at people and smiling.  Fergie is HOT!  Will-I-am is kinda weird.  He kept trying to fix his hair incessantly, which on camera during the song it looked like he was being funny, but when they weren’t even shooting, it was like he had OCD or something.  The whole process was way more relaxed than I thought it would be.  Then when they started  the song the whole place went bonkers!  It was really fun, and it seemed way more crazy with the confetti than it looked when we watched it back on TV.  So fun, I don’t think we could have picked a better day to go, even if we’d had a choice.

There is an hour in between the musical performance, and the live show, so they have a comedian come out and entertain everyone while we waited.  He played a game and gave away prizes.  Which Shannon got pulled up for and won a Starbucks gift card ha ha!  He had been talking to us and we told him we were moms, and had 13 kids between the 4 of us.  When Shannon got up there he said “Whoa, where are all these HOT moms coming from?”  Which she was.

The actual live show, was the most boring part for me, and plus the 3 hours of sleep the night before were catching up to me, so I was kind of ready for it to be over by that point.

Even though Moseley was kind of our ticket in, I would definitely wait until I am no longer nursing to go back again…  The having to find a place for him and being on your feet ALL day was a little too hectic and tiring for me right now.   I do want to go again next year for sure… but I am leaving the kiddies behind.

All-in-all it was super fun, and a great time with my girls.



  1. I had no idea that was how they taped it. Editing is an amazing thing, eh? I would love to go to a show some time. Maybe I could convince Jordan to take a trip to California next year or next season.

    Comment by Reese — July 17, 2009 @ 5:08 pm

  2. sounds like a blast – and i don’t even watch the show. and yes i’m very impressed you did all that with a baby.

    and yes you are all hot moms.

    Comment by Tami — July 17, 2009 @ 8:47 pm

  3. I’m so glad you just went for it! I’m all over going next year when I’m not nursing…American idol was fun going to but I like SYTYCD even better. You guys did look like a bunch of hotties on the show…you’re celebs now! Glad you all had a good time!

    Comment by Krystal — July 18, 2009 @ 2:12 pm

  4. Wow! So cool! I love all the nitty gritty details and I love that Randy was funny because I think that she bugged alot of people. Now they know she shouldn’t have bugged them because she was cute and funny and real. So there! Can you tell I’m sad she is gone? Anyway, I also think that is crazy about Cat Deeley because Michael and I are always analyzing her on tv. Anyway, glad you had fun and Mosely is so cute he could be your ticket into the private CIA files. What a stud!

    Comment by Kat Clark — July 18, 2009 @ 7:48 pm

  5. That is one of my favorite shows and we can’t find it on the internet. It is as though Fox doesn’t want to release it for us internet viewers. That would be a blast to have been there. I love to watch all of the rehersals and such. I am glad that it was so fun.

    Comment by Bethany — July 18, 2009 @ 9:32 pm

  6. so glad you went and so much fun. It sounds so cool – isnt it so interesting to see how it is all donee. I loved all your commentary and descriptions. You guys are and looked HOT!

    Comment by rachel gharring — July 19, 2009 @ 8:31 am

  7. I LOVE this post. All the details are awesome. So different from how I thought it would be. Thats funny about Cat. We too always analyze her and her hair and outfit on every show.

    Comment by Linds — July 19, 2009 @ 2:23 pm

  8. Seriously hot mama…with perfect boobs. I have boob envy. Mine are gone! Sad, sad day.

    That sounds like so much fun! No wonder we all wish we were California girls.

    Comment by (me)linda — July 20, 2009 @ 8:42 am

  9. just a question, how was it checking in your cell phones? What is the process like? Does it take long to get it back afterwards?

    Comment by theed — July 21, 2009 @ 9:57 am

  10. You have been busy blogging lately! I read all your posts and 1- I want to go to a fair and eat junky junk food all day long 2- I want to live in CA and have fun at the beach and going to see TV shows. You have some life!! You and Lee look great and your kids get cuter every time I see them. I was just feeding Nola this morning and thinking, man she is getting heavy. And then I thought of you and how big Mose is and I can’t complain! I think it was just because I’m super sore from working out, I can hardly even lift my own arm…

    Comment by Jeanette — July 21, 2009 @ 1:29 pm

  11. nice post. it was AMAZING! and thanks again..

    Comment by lauren — July 22, 2009 @ 3:43 pm

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