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February 7, 2010

that girl

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Is getting a little too sophisticated for me, and she’s not yet 4!  She is full of sass, but is also very complimentary on the other end of the spectrum… So it balances out.  One minute the conversation goes something like:

Carmen:” What are we going to do today?”

Me:”I don’t know yet.”

Carmen:”Mom, WHAT is the matter with you today?”

But then she will switch to saying “Mom, thanks for the english muffin, you are the best Mommy ever.”


Last night when I walked into the room after getting ready for our date to Joel McHale (which was very funny, by the way), she said “Mom, you look beautiful.”  She is such a sweet girl. For some reason, compliments from kids mean a little more, since they are always brutally honest.

She loves to change her outfit at least 4 times a day.  I usually put her in jeans for preschool, and within 30 seconds of her getting home she has got them off.  The outfits she chooses ranges from mismatched pajamas to princess dress-ups.  Which, I don’t care… as long as she doesn’t put up a stink about what she wears in public, that seems like a pretty decent compromise.

Carmen LOVES to help me in the kitchen.  As soon as she sees me in there, she grabs her little fold up chair, pushes it to the sink and says “Mom, I am going to wash my hands so I can touch food.”  She ALWAYS helps me whenever I am cooking.   I hope that she will always love to cook, the way I do.  Today I wanted to take a picture of the Mexican 7 layer dip I made for Lee’s super bowl snack (apparently it’s not super bowl Sunday without 7 layer dip…even if we are the only ones to eat it).  It just looked too pretty not to document before we tore into it.  Carmen wanted to get in on the action too because she still loves taking pictures.  So she grabbed a little disposable camera I found in a box the other day and started snapping away. 

Then she turned the camera on me.

I’m sure all of the shots on that old wind up camera will be awkward angles of me wearing no make-up and in clothes I wouldn’t prefer to be photographed in, but whatever.

My pretty girl.

Oh and here is the layer dip… If you want the recipe, it is of course from p-dub.  Her food is super fattening, but for some reason, I can’t stop making Every. Thing. I. See. on her site.  SO delish.

Ok… sorry I got a little side tracked by food.  I do that.

Back to Carmen…

She still loves babies and loves to take care of her little brother.

We often have conversations about when “she grows big”.  She can’t wait until she becomes a mommy.  That conversation usually turns to who she is going to marry BEFORE she becomes a mommy some day.  It usually goes something like this:

Carmen: “I’m going to marry Moseley when we get big”.

Me:”Well, you can’t marry your brother, because that would be against the law :)”

Carmen:”Well then I’ll just marry Daddy.”

Me:”sorry, but you cant marry Daddy either”

Carmen (crying)”why!??? Why can’t I marry Daddy!?”

Me: “because Daddy is already married to me.  You have to pick someone who is not already in our family.”

Carmen: ” Well, Ok… I pick Drew.”  (she has also picked Danny in the past, both are boys from her preschool class… ha ha)

She is such a funny little girl.  She makes my life exciting, and so happy.

Love her.



  1. oh burn. i was totally expecting Danny’s name where Drew’s was. Funny cuz danny and drew are attached at the hip – think they’ll always be competing for girls like Carmen? too cute.

    Comment by Tami — February 7, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

  2. I love her too! Hi Carmie! You’ll be a great mommie and already are a wonderful, funny, spunky Grand daughter. Love, Gramma Ash

    Comment by Utah Grandma — February 8, 2010 @ 7:03 am

  3. That is so sweet that Carmen is your little kitchen helper. I want one of those!

    Comment by Eve — February 8, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

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