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July 24, 2011

this time they said…

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I forgot to publish (or finish) this post a few months back… so sorry for the double kid updates, disregard if you like  I just have to pre-date this so it’s consequential and I don’t want to forget some of this stuff while my kids are young.  


Moseley 2 .5 years old

Whenever I ask Moseley if he has a dirty diaper (when he obviously does) he says “No, Mom, I toot.”  Which is also funny because he pronounces the “oo” sound like “ew”.  So when I say “no mose, you didn’t toot, you pooped.”  He responds “Pewped?”

For about 6 months now, whenever Moseley doesn’t know how to say something he just calls it a “wee-wah”.  None of us can figure out what a “wee-wah” is but apparently they are everywhere.

Mose at any time during the day will drop a “It’s a-go time!”  or  “Wooo-Hooo!” (we can thank our friend Mario for those)

When we say “I love you” to Moseley he always responds  with  “you.”  The other day he randomly came up to me and wrapped his little chubby arms around me and said. “You, Mom.”  Be still my heart.

Carmen 5.5 years old

Whenever we are talking about someone that has disappointed Carmen in some way she says “She is such a showoff!”  (I have no idea where she got that, and she obviously doesn’t know what it means… and we will keep it that way for a while, since it sounds much nicer than what I am always expecting her to come out with)

She has a pretty extensive vocabulary and has always talked really well for her age, but occasionally she gets words wrong.  The thing is that she says it with such confidence that I almost don’t want to correct her.  For example, we saw an ambulance the other day and she says to me “Uh oh mom, someone must have gotten hurt because there goes a violence”.


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  1. You, Jana.
    You, Lee.
    You, Carmie.
    You, Mose.

    Missin’ my peeps.

    Comment by UtahGrandma — October 24, 2011 @ 6:17 pm

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