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March 15, 2012

to commit to memory

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Moseley is getting to that funny stage… where he is old enough to talk, but not too old not to be hilarious all the time.  He doesn’t get regular naps because carmen’s kindergarten pick-up schedule is ruining my life (not really, but it is so annoying to have early pick-up day on wednesday).  Anyway he still gets tired enough every few days to need a little nap so he has found this spot on the couch that is his favorite.  If I ever can’t find him, and I am thinking he’s got to be getting into trouble because it’s too quiet in here, it’s not because he is trashing the house like Carmen would have been at that age, it’s because he’s burrowed down in the soft cushions and is taking a little siesta.

The other day he was eating fruit salad out of a tupperware and he says “I LIKE  kewets (carrots)!”  Hmmm… I think he was talking about the kiwi but he does like carrots, even if he wasn’t near any at the time.   Once in Hawaii, he came and climbed up to the kitchen bar and says to me “I want bacon and eggs, mom”.  It was so random, being that it was dinner time and there was spaghetti being cooked right in front of him, it really cracked me up.  I gotta say though, I do appreciate a man that knows exactly what he wants. :)

While flying home from hawaii, we must have signed up for the freak show plane ride from Kauai to Oahu, because there were many interesting characters.  Carmen was leading the way down the isle when she came across an older asian gentleman who was continuously smacking himself in the back of the head with his hand.  Carmen looks over at him like he was from mars (to be honest I was too,  what the heck is wrong with that guy).  Then not two rows past that there was a grizzled old cowboy with one eye.  And no he did not have an eye patch on  just a gruesome skin patch where his eye should have been.  Carmen takes one look at that and immediately grabs her eye in horror.  He just says “Move along, little girl” to her, and we proceeded to our seat.  Later she was asking us about it.  We explained that it is not polite to stare and point out people’s imperfections, which was why the man had talked to her at all.  She is such a tender hearted sweet girl, she got so embarrassed that she had done that, that it made her cry.  We obviously told her it was ok and to be fair,  I can’t say I blame her for reacting.  I mean what kind of cheap tickets did we buy to end up on the plane with these crazies?  Ha ha ha (I really am joking)

In our bed at home we have pillows that we sleep on, and then we have a bunch of other pillows to pile on top to look pretty and fluffy (you know, like we girls do), and those only get used if we are reading in bed.  The other day we were just shutting off the light and this is the time when we throw all those other pillows off and snuggle down into bed all sleepy.  On this particular night I hear Lee chuck a pillow across the room and hit the far wall, which was followed by “awwwwe man, that was MY pillow.”  all pitiful sounding.  I was laughing so hard, maybe it was just because I was so tired, but it still makes me laugh to think about it.

(I know I already posted this picture, but it deserves a little more play because my husband is so cute.)


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  1. The “move along, little girl” cracked me up until I read that Carmen cried later. Sad.

    Comment by Eve — March 15, 2012 @ 10:52 am

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