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October 5, 2012


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I just got home from a week long trip to Chicago, it was really cool. Probably a once in a lifetime kind of trip. My husband decided to he wanted to go experience the Ryder Cup (golf), and didn’t want to leave the wife behind. So he made the trip super extravagant to make me want to go on a golf trip with him. It was really nice. We flew into Chicago and immediately drove to Kohler Wisconsin, 2 and a half hours away. I have this sciatic nerve that starts in my back and goes all the way down my right leg. After a full day of travel that nerve was an angry dude. I was in pretty serious pain (it’s always worse when I’m pregnant). Once we got there though it was fun to just sleep in, do my fingernails, watch all the new fall shows on my laptop, and just relax. Plus I got to just hang with my husband which is always fun. We went to the Kohler Design Center, which basically had every bathroom fixture you could ever imagine… it may sound lame, but it wasn’t.  It was awesome.(I wouldn’t mind having a prairie flowers of the mid-west pedestal sink somewhere in my house someday)  (antique toilet in the history museum)

We even got the guys to do Zumba with us, which was awesome.  I was so glad they were in there for comic relief, because the class was painfully slow with no good music.

At night we went to fancy restaurants and tried crazy food creations. Fancy places aren’t really my style, but it was still fun to try new stuff. We went back to Chicago on thursday and got to stay in trump tower, which was so nice… I kind of can’t believe I got to stay there. (It’s the shiny one)

I saw R Kelly walking out one night which was cool, I couldn’t remember his name until I was inside though… so I couldn’t ask him for a pic. Plus he looked pretty scary, so I don’t know that i’d have dared anyway. The Chicago I’d had in my mind was pretty different than what the reality was. It felt like we were in new york city (now, I just need to go to new york to see if that city in my mind is anything like the real thing), everyone wore black business type clothes… so me and Autumn looked pretty out of place in our bright colored jeans and flip flops. West coast style is pretty far from Chicago, which is interesting.

We also went to blue man group one night.  It was gross, and cool, and funny. 

I wish we’d had a few more days to check out the city, but instead we spent a few days at the Ryder cup which was also fun. I got to see all the famous golfers up close (Tiger, Phil, Rory, Sergio, Bubba, etc) but we also got to see George W Bush, and Lee said Russell Crow was 2 people behind him in the line for the bathroom. Someone said “gladiator!” to him and he said hello to them in some sort of Australian accent. Plus the excitement of the tournament was just so cool to see in person. So much people watching to do. Crazy costumes from both americans and europeans. I wish I hadn’t been pregnant and always cranky (read hungry), and would have taken more pics of the outfits people were wearing. Kilts, morphsuits, american and british flag suits,  a whole group of Minnesota Vikings, and even a group of waldos. It was awesome. One thing that was not awesome… Cigars. What is the matter with people who smoke those things? They smell horrid, and the smell blankets the whole freaking golf course. I just feel like if there are 50,000 people around you, maybe not light up a cigar, just out of class? Nope, they did not care.
It was a really fun experience though and I’m glad I got to have a whole week to just spend with my husband. It made me miss my kids so much, and It really made me appreciate the time I get to spend with them every day. I really take for granted how cool it is to just hang with awesome little people all the time, and this made me realize that. I would so look forward to facetimeing with them, and have to say that technology these days is pretty freaking awesome. Those kids are so rad, and to be across the country and still be able to see their adorable faces for a few minutes was just amazing.

I hope this wont be the last post of 2012… but I make no promises. :)


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  1. The dude in the campground next to us this weekend lit up a cigar as soon as they settled in. I kind of wanted to murder him. So I can just imagine how annoying it must’ve been in a huge crowd like that!

    Comment by happygoshoppy — October 8, 2012 @ 11:35 am

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