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February 20, 2009

suspended in mid-air

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I am waiting.

It is all I do.

I have not been this bored since I became a mom.  In fact I didn’t know that being bored was even a possibility for me anymore… Well yes, in-fact it is.  When you are trapped in your own body, you get bored.

I am pretty uncomfortable.  The fact that I cant bend over, or stand up or lift my foot 2 inches off the ground without a huge effort, or not have my hips ache all night  is getting really old… But for the most part I am just bored.

I hate going anywhere, because it makes me really tired… especially when I have Carmen with me. And don’t even get me started on the clothes situation.  So I stay at home.

I have been trying to keep my house relatively clean, since I wont have the chance to do much in the weeks following the delivery.  But I usually get discouraged because with the fact that I don’t take Carmen anywhere to get her energy out, she gets it out making messes around the house, so it’s like- what is the friggin point?

I have now painted my toenails 3 different times (each time thinking it would be the last time before the baby came) but I get bored with the color and think “hmm, I think I would rather look at red than pink while I am pushing this baby out.”  And painting my toenails is no easy task, since like I mentioned before I cant bend over.

Some things I am grateful for that help me pass the time…

Facebook–  I only check it about 467 times a day and there is never enough new stuff to read… so for my boredom’s sake- go update your status so I’ll have something to do. but for pete’s sake don’t ask me when I am due… IT’S THE 27th PEOPLE! whoa sorry for that little outburst, but I really should just buy the T-shirt, or get a tattoo (or I guess I could make that my status update… but that would be, like, right).

Flight of the Conchords re-runs-  I have watched every episode of this second season at least 3 times.  My favorite highlights are the sugalumps and friends songs (that I always have stuck in my head… there are a few naughty words so click at your own discretion), and from last weeks episode when Jemain’s Australian girlfriend tells Murray that her accent sounds like marlyn monroe and he responds “maybe if you squint your ears”.

Cheer up Murray is one of my favorite songs from last season.

This is the funniest show of all time, if you haven’t seen it yet… you are missing out.

My Etsy shop–  Because the one thing I can do while pregnant is knit, but it also tends to get old when it’s all you do (and how many times can you knit the same cozy and not get a little bored with it).

Nesting– It really is nice that we get that nesting instinct because it does keep you somewhat busy thinking about what else you need to do before the baby comes. But when you have pretty much done all you can do, the restlessness creeps right back in.

Carmen– While it is difficult being 9 months pregnant, and the mother of a very defiant little 3 year old… She does keep me going.  I think she maybe smarter than me already.

She pretty much knows how to use most of the functions of my iPhone.

She can get into almost every part of my house no matter how locked, or high up.

And she comes up with stuff that just blows my mind. Like today, when I asked her why she was eating a cookie when I told her she couldn’t have one and her response was “because I am not a good listener, I am a good naughty-er.”

Well sorry about all the complaint posts lately, but all you preggos know how it is… Soon there will be nothing but “gushing about my baby” posts, so that should probably make up for all this negativity.

So come on out of there baby… with each passing day you are giving me a new stretch mark.


January 28, 2009

i’m lame.

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I am now starting to wonder if anyone even bothers to check this blog any more, since I sure don’t update it… ever.

I thought to try and save the two readers I might have left I would do a “junk” post and just write about random thoughts that come to me, even though not many blog worthy things have happened.  Well actually, there have been a few things that have happened that would have been blog-worthy, but since my camera all of the sudden decided to never charge again, I have no pictures to document these events.  I will then rely on whoever was there taking pictures to send them to me. (so if that is you… I will love your buns if you send them my way.)

If you would like to know what I have been doing instead of blogging, the answer is probably etsy.  My esty shop is doing really well right now and so I have just been knitting up a storm.  In between that, we have had lots of company staying with us, and I go to at least one baby shower a week (with all the preggys there are these days)… so that doesn’t leave much time for me to sit down at the computer and form complete thoughts.  However, since I am unable to use my body in any physical way I was once capable of, I have done A LOT of internet shopping.  I guess you could say I live vicariously through on-line shopping carts at the moment.  I have put so much maternity stuff in my “cart” over the past few weeks, My internet closet is stocked! If you are wondering why I have nothing to show for it, well that is because (being the level-headed girl that I am) I always talk myself out of completing the sale.   I know I have only 4 weeks to go, which really doesn’t seem that long, but it is so frustrating going into my closet to spend 45 minutes trying on 5 billion different concoctions that might work with this basket ball under my t shirt (not to mention, the squishiness in other areas), only to leave and still feel uncomfortable in whatever I picked for the rest of the day.  So to satiate my thirst for cute clothes: I go on-line and imagine myself in all the great fitting maternity gear I could dream of, put them in my cart, then close my browser, and dream of the day when I am able to fit in to my closet full of normal clothes.  If only there was a way to eat french fries on-line, without ingesting any of the calories, that would be ideal for me.

Maybe if I sell enough cozies, one day I will be able to justify clicking that “checkout” button… but just probably not worth it for the next 4 weeks.

July 10, 2008

Etsy Update

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I just uploaded a ton of new barrettes and hair ties in my shop so if you haven’t been there in a while… go check them out here.

These will probably be the last ones I do for a while because to be honest they are a ton of work and I can’t really charge much for them, but I will still do special orders.

I also have a few new colors of baby cozies.

Picture by blue lily of course.

June 1, 2008

Crazy Cuteness and other stuff too.

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Buckle your safety belts, this is going to be a long one!

So my husband did the sweetest thing the other day, he went and read my entire blog! Ok so some of you may be thinking “What the heck?” am I right. Yes I know, to the common person, having my husband read my blog doesn’t seem like a big deal, or maybe the fact that he has never read it before also alarms you, but there is a reason. For the past few years, or ever since we moved to California, Lee has had a job that required him to wake up at 4:30am and not return home until 6:30pm, so his zombie like state when he returned home prevented him from having any desire to sit at the computer and read crap that I’m sure I told him about anyway. And he couldn’t read it at work because their servers had a block preventing them from going to any websites that weren’t work related. All of that made it hard for him to read it, but now that the ball and chain (AKA pain in the A Select Build) is no longer hanging around my husband’s neck hour after hour, he suddenly has a new wave of energy that he hasn’t had in a while. (read: he is starting his own company, so if anyone needs any landscape construction/maintenance go to his website here- GreenBeeService.com)

So I thought it was particularly sweet that he sat down and read the entire thing in one sitting.

Anyway he re-brought to my attention that the first couple of months of my blog have pictures missing from them (I have known for a little while but have been ignoring it and hoping it would just go away). I guess the picture host Tiny Pic that I started using when I first started this blog decided to move or delete half of my Fracking pictures unbeknownst to me, and so now I have to go back and re upload them so that the first half of my blog makes any sense. Well, needless to say, I am beginning to rue the day I ever stumbled on effing Tiny pic in the first place, because it is a lot of work to put all those pictures back on and there is no payoff. No one is going to see these posts because they are years old and people probably already commented on them anyway. So other than my own personal journaling sake, I have no motivation. And I am just getting kind of T.O.’d because I’m sure the other half that hasn’t disappeared yet… will eventually. Grrrrr.

One good thing that did come of all of this is that I got to look back at all the old pictures of Carmen, and I am about to die of adorableness overload. I know I blogged these before but she is just so cute they deserve another go around.

On another topic, It must have been my birthday or christmas yesterday or something, because despite the sick child (who is doing much better, by the way) it was kind of an avalanche of awesomeness. My hubby made me a deal that if I got Carmen put in bed that he would go pick us up some White Lime… So I said “of course!” Which was actually a great deal for me because it was my night to put her to bed anyway. And as he was walking out the door, he told me that there were two packages sitting on the porch for me. Which, I don’t know about you, but having any package waiting for you is just about the best thing ever… Even if you were expecting it. So I opened the big one first which was full of Neutrals Licorice yarn! Yay!

My brother in law Morgan and his wife Bethany found me a ton of that yarn, Which I could not be more stoked about because I was starting to get discouraged, and was trying to prepare myself to say goodbye to that yarn forever. But now it looks like I have enough to last me a while. So thanks guys!

Then I opened the other package, and it was the new knitting book I have been waiting for months to come out!

Knit one, Embellish too. by Cosette Cornelius-Bates

I have actually been reading this girl’s blog for a long time, admiring her artistic approach to knitting. And a while ago she was super sweet in sending me instructions on how to make a square beanie for Carmen… Even though she didn’t know I was going to buy her book anyway! She has some super cute stuff in here and I can’t wait to make some of them.

Then Lee got back with my cheesecake flavor frozen yogurt with marshmallow cream and pomegranate sauce… MMMM!

Then I got an email from the amazing and beautiful Wendy from blue lily and she had finished the photo’s of the red baby cozy I made for my shop… Which were adorable, so check them out:

And to just put a cherry on top of all that sweetness, her awesome photos of my little cozy, helped it sell in less than 24 hours! That has got to be some kind of record! I have one more of these that I am going to post in my shop tonight, so if you have your heart set on it, you might not want to wait… It is the last of this color in my stash, until I can find more (which is getting harder and harder these days…Eve tsk tsk!).

Is it possible to have so much awesomeness in one day? That wasn’t even all of it… but this post is getting extreme and I don’t want to make you any more jealous! :)

May 30, 2008

Twin Beanies

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I was commissioned by a photographer (through my etsy shop) to make some tiny cashmere beanies to fit some twins that are about to be born. Since these are officially the tiniest little beanies I have made yet, I thought it warranted a post… I know, I know two posts in two days… I am on fire!

May 20, 2008

Etsy Update

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I just finished posting a bunch of stuff in my shop, mostly barrettes and binky clips, If you would like too see them all go to my shop here.

May 4, 2008

Etsy Update

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I just posted a few more barrettes. If you would like to take a look, click HERE!

Sorry I know the pictures are pixelated but I am just way too lazy to fix them.

April 21, 2008

Etsy update

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I just posted some hair barrettes and a couple binky clips in my etsy shop so check them out here.

April 16, 2008

It is Time!

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It’s finally finished!  Everybody go look at my NEW Etsy shop: I’d Knit That.

I am so excited it’s up and running!

I really had no idea how hard it was to set up  an Etsy shop, well it wasn’t hard at all, just time consuming.  But I would like to publicly thank Wendy from blue lily for doing such a great job on my photos and site banner.  She is seriously talented!  I could have NEVER done this without her!

So everyone show me some love!  Make me one of your favorites, Give me a shout out on your blog (well my shop anyway), or even buy something.   If you do any of those things… I promise I won’t be mad at ya, I’ll have nothin’ but love for ya!

Here’s a picture of Tami in my chocolate beanie… Just because she looks so pretty!

And here is a picture of baby Kardiff, this particular beanie is not in my shop because I ran out of this yarn but if anyone is interested tell me and I’ll order more.

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