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October 24, 2011

girls trip 2011

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My sewing group had our anual girls trip a few months back.  We went to park city this year and stayed in Shannon and Krystal’s awesome free “cabin”.  It was so nice and we were able to meet up with our world traveling friend Wendy there also, so bonus.  We had a blast.  We relaxed, shopped, ate, laughed until we cried, stayed up way too late, slept in, zumba’d , and had an all around awesome time.  Since I am too lazy to put these pictures (that everyone took) into any kind of order, you get them spewed out here… enjoy.

here is a vid of one of our zumba parties :)

If you would like a real rundown of the trip go visit Tami’s blog… she’s not a lazy blogger like me.


October 17, 2011


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I actually didn’t die.  But my blog kind of did.  A lot has happened since the last time I posted, but luckily I suck so bad at taking pictures I don’t have that much to blog about, so I don’t feel all that overwhelmed.

I did actually get licensed to teach zumba like I said.

 I don’t have my own class yet, still trying to find the right fit for me.  I did a couple classes for my girlfriends on our girls trip… pictures of that will come in another post.

I missed blogging about Lee’s birthday.  The kids were super excited to wrap presents for him and it was pretty adorable to watch even if they did trash the place while doing it.

We’ve been to the beach a lot. (picture dump, sorry)

We took the kids to the (rip off) pumpkin patch at the mall, we ran out of tickets in about a half an hour, but the kids had fun.  And Moseley drove a little baby tractor like a champ.  He was very pleased with himself.

We got a trampoline to try and fight our kid’s addiction to video games.  Lee went out and had a slumber party on the trampoline with the kids,  which I was not about to do.  They got to have that sleeping outside experience, so that’s cool.

I dyed the tips of my hair pinks and blues… it’s subtly funky.

Here is a funny story about Carmen, One day she comes tearing into the room saying “Mom!  There is a Mouse under my bed!”  I was not happy because we have had rodent issues in the past, and if this time they were in the house instead of the garage, I was going to freak out.  So I ran up to look under her bed and this is what I found…





That was a long and random post.  I can’t promise to be better at posting, because come on.  but here is one more pic for you, just for good measure.

March 10, 2011


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We celebrated the kid’s birthdays this year at Chuck E. Cheeses.

Moseley was a little confused, and kind of scared of chuck E,  but over all I think the kids all had a really good time.

The cake may have looked like my kids decorated it but it tasted delicious thanks to pioneer woman once again.  This cake was perfect because Carmen doesn’t like frosting (never has) but she does like the icing on this cake, and it was yummy.

It was chaotic, and the pizza was a little cardboardy, but the kids ran around an went crazy, so it was really fun.

October 10, 2010


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Around other parts of the country people are starting to see fall, but here in southern California, we are just now beginning to see some consistently good beach weather.  We have been to the beach a ton in the past few weeks, but this time was the very first time I remembered to bring my camera.  Which also means I took enough pictures to equal out all those other beach days I forgot.  And, Yes, I did have a hard time narrowing it down to only this many.  It’s a sickness.

I took a ton of Moseley, but he’s a baby… who doesn’t love those things.

My pics wouldn’t be complete with some serious vogue shots of Carmen.

Lee was the official surf instructor of the day.

The kids all took turns getting pushed into waves by Dave and Lee

Carmen hasn’t really taken to surfing much yet, but she tries so hard… it made me so proud of her.  You can see by the looks on her face she is terrified.  Part of that has to do with the fact that she can’t even swim yet, and that I am her mom…

I am sure not going pro any time soon either.

I did finally get up though, which was fun, since I’ve been trying for years unsuccessfully.

Autumn’s daughter Aubry really took to the surfing, and was doing a great job.

I would say the star of the day was mini-Lauren, oops I mean Kaia.  Carmen’s best friend Kaia (who is also only 4). She may as well have been birthed on a surf board.  From her first attempt she would paddle her little arms, and pop up and ride the wave forever.  It was very impressive.

She even tried to hang ten.  So funny and cute.

The kids love the beach, and can be entertained for hours on their own… it is the best.

End the day off with an awesome sunset, and a big fat burrito from chipotle… Perfect.

September 10, 2010

shannon’s birthday

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This year my friend Shannon’s birthday isn’t quite as exciting as last year’s… We just went to CPK for dinner and went back to lauren’s to play salon. Tame, right?

Let’s be honest, I still have no clue how to use my camera in less than ideal lighting situations, so we’ll just make the pictures smaller on here shall we, maybe the fact that not a single one was in focus will be less noticeable?

I may or may not have snapped some of these while the girls weren’t expecting it… and I may have to show you a close up of lauren’s face in that last one because it is so rockin’ hilarious.

Sorry Lauren, for taking… and posting this. :) You love me.

August 6, 2010

girls weekend

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Me and my sewing night girls hit the road for the weekend a few weeks ago to have one of our annual girls trips.  I love my friends… they are awesome.  I never have a bad time when I am with all of these girls.

We went to palm springs, which was crazy hot.  The reason we chose it was because it was close enough that it wasn’t a huge deal to get everyone there (coordinating 9 mom’s schedules is not easy, in case you were wondering)… but far enough that our families couldn’t interrupt the good relaxation. :) The night we got there it was so sweltering, it stayed in the 90’s even at night (which is baffling to me).  So we all threw on our swim suits and decided to go walk to the pool.   Towels were at the pool and it was too hot and sweaty to put on clothes over… so off we went.  A bunch of moms with stretch marks galore just crusin’ around looking for the pool in our swimsuits.  Tami’s quote was my favorite: “this feels kind of liberating… this is my body… suck it!”   However I don’t know how daring we would have been had it not been dark out!  :)

It ended up being so awesome.  I got to go shopping with no kids to worry about, lounge by the pool, crochet, stay up too late, and laugh non-stop.  Seriously, if you are a mom, and you don’t do a girls trip with your girls once a year… you should start now.  It is a great way to remember that girl who still lives somewhere inside this mom, if only for a weekend.

We got a little nuts and decided that we would have a little arm wrestling tournament.  Turns out I am one of the weaker of my friends Wendy and Tami tied for the strongest.  Next year I can only imagine the iron being pumped to get ready for girls trip.  Apparently we are very competitive when it comes to arm strength.

It seems like everyone had a little surprise they were saving for this trip and it made the time so much more awesome.  Chantel and Eve were cool enough to drive us down, and chauffeur us around.  Krystal, Shannon, and Lauren found some fun girly games to play from urban outfitter.  I made us bacon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast (breakfast of champions, I know) Eve made us all adorable globe necklaces (my new fav necklace).  Autumn revealed that she had a little bun in the oven, which was a huge shocker! Wendy whipped out this indescribable lady gaga performance.  It so surpassed my expectations that I just feel bad for everyone else in the world for not being able to see it (unfortunately all recording devices were violently confiscated pre-perfomance). Tami surprised us with a dvd that she made of all of our memories as friends for the past few years, which was touching, and fun, and made us all laugh and cry.  It just sums up the way I feel about my friends exactly.  So without further ado:

July 25, 2010

the fair!!!!

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I know what you are thinking… That Jana has only done like 4 posts since last years fair post, but I promise this one is going to be different.  Ok, no it’s not, but you wouldn’t be my friend if you didn’t like hearing about my annual white trash fests, right?  Don’t answer that.

This year Lee got sucked into the shooting game.  He was trying to win us a giant stuffed banana, well for obvious reasons (you know, the fact that this blog is called JANA BANANA!  sorry I guess I wasn’t sure just how obvious that was), but also because one of my kid’s favorite you tube videos is peanut butter jelly time:

Yep, that’s it.  Totally annoying right? and also weirdly mesmerizing.  Just wait, the next time your kid asks you to make them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I defy you to not sing that song while you do.

Well unfortunately Lee couldn’t quite shoot the whole star out of the paper, but the guy was cool and gave us a small banana as a consolation prize.  Which in the long run, is a better prize anyway… because then you don’t have to carry around (and own) a giant stuffed banana.

Dave and Lauren met us there for a little while and the kids all wanted to play the dart game.  Carmen didn’t think she’d be able to do it, but the lady talked Lee into paying for 3 darts anyway.  Carmen steps up and lets the first dart fly and totally nails a balloon!  We all erupted in applause, and she just stood there dumbfounded.  She couldn’t believe she actually did it.  It was so awesome.  And hey bonus,  the prize she won wasn’t alive this year!

Moseley finally got his chance to ride the ponies this year, and he is not nearly as afraid of animals as Carmen was when she was little.  He is definitely all boy.

We rode some really lame kiddie rides (but hey, they loved them).

Last but not least, no trip to the fair is complete without eating some really disgustingly fatty, deep-fried food.

Ok, ok  so we didn’t actually try the deep-fried butter, or the chocolate covered bacon, but I assure you… we ate plenty of unhealthy other stuff.  I mean come on, I have standards.  I love butter and bacon and chocolate but not that much.

Here is my cute boy chowin’.

July 7, 2010

best buds

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These two could spell trouble if they end up living near one another when they hit high school.

February 12, 2010

the big 28

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Here are some pics from my birthday party a few weeks back.  It was a woodland fairies theme  and Wendy of blue lily photo once again worked her magic.  Ok so these theme parties are only getting a little bit embarrassing right?  It’s alright because the pics turned out so good.

In this next pic, you’ll find Eve, she co-hosted.  She provided us with the woodland party favors and cake.  Sadly though I am so lame that I didn’t even bring a camera to my own party. So I don’t have pics to show you.  The cake was huge with swirls of chocolate frosting, and topped with hand painted red and white toadstools (like the one she’s holding in the pic).  It was really awesome, and I couldn’t be more bummed I don’t have a pic of it.

My friends are so rad.  and fun.  and hot.

I am so glad I found these girls… they are the best and they give the BEST birthday gifts!

December 5, 2009

midnight with the girlies

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I forgot to write about our super fun night going to see the new moon premier!

Well the same crazy girls you always see here on my blog and I went… and it was sooo much fun.

(all of these pictures are from Chantel, since I never remember to take pics when I go places… You should go see her post, it really captures the night from start to finish.)
Here are the bitten cuppy cakes I made for the occasion.  They kind of turned out looking like marshmallow peeps that got attacked by vampires… but I was too lazy to re-do them (plus it kind of still works, since we are talking about sparkly “vegetarian” vamps here, right?)

Here are those of us cool enough to dedicate prime real estate on our tees to declare our love for all things twilight.

It is not geeky at all, so stop looking at me like that.

Here is a close up of what my shirt looked like.

I have hot friends, huh?

The waiting for the movie was  more fun for me, than the actual movie.  We got there about 5 hours early to wait in the crazy line.  It sounds crazy, but for me that meant 5 kid free hours just to gab endlessly with my friends, and eat good food.  I loved it.  I liked the movie, it was a little slow, but it was twilight… so I can’t really not like it.  Plus there was lots of eye candy in it, which I appreciated.  I am excited for next year, it gives us a chance to feel like teenagers again… Which, when you have a full-time job cleaning up bodily fluids, is important for a person like me.

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