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November 2, 2012


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This month was super fun and festive.  My mom came into town and we took a trip to the pumpkin patch… ya know, like ya do.

We got super gooey and carved up some punkins.

I helped the kids carve, as to not let small children play with knives and such.  Carmen says mr. star eyes here was “super scary!”.

And Moseley’s pumpkin was just a fancy gentleman.

We made the typical holiday sugar cookies for halloween and Carmen took some to her school for the harvest festival.  Apparently they were one of the very few homemade items there.  Kinda sad that nobody bakes anymore.  I really love it.

Then for the big day the kids donned their alice and mad hatter costumes and got ready to go to the trunk or treat.  But not before a little tea party/photo shoot.

Just half a cup if you don’t mind…

Mose was so unbelievably stoked that he got his own cotton candy at the trunk or treat.  And despite the no lighting situation, I love this next picture because of the look on Moseley’s face.

My husband got really amped this year about decorating the trunk… which was nice.  He doesn’t usually give a care about holiday festivities or things like that.  He even got Nightmare Before Christmas going on the dvd player, and won a trophy for best trunk decor (Thanks Tami ;)).

Unfortunately said super cool decorations drained our car battery, and we had to get a jump from the Dobrons.

Later we set out to trick or treat the neighborhood.  Moseley was stoked about the candy, that is until someone jumped out and scared the daylights out of the poor little guy.  I have never heard him scream/cry in fear like that before.  It really tore me up.  I am still totally bummed it happened, although he seems to be over it.  It traumatized me so much I didn’t even get an instagram of his face. ;)

After that Mose was pretty much over it, and just wanted to go home.  Luckily we had already obtained quite a large amount of loot…

Which is making me fatter and fatter every second, one fun sized kit kat at a time.


March 7, 2012


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Moseley turned 3 on the 24th of February.

He got a mario bros cake.

This little bandit opened a bunch of his presents while no one was looking… and he wore the wrong shirt to bed, since that day was, in fact, his birthday.


Carmen turned 6 on the 26th.

Carmen was the star of the day at school, since her birthday was coming that weekend.  She handed out squinkies to all of her friends.  She was very excited about her alice and wonderland cake.


This vid is not super exciting, but the kids had fun bursting out of their rooms in the morning.


February 14, 2012


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I found this idea on pinterest, of course.  Valentine’s day was so fun back in elementary when everyone exchanged valentines.  I think its even more fun making home made valentines for Carmen’s class.

December 31, 2011

gingerbread house

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Grandma whipped out the gingerbread making stuff on Christmas Eve for the kids to make.  Carmen and Grandma did most of the decorating.

Moseley spent his time guzzling candy…

And pretending to drink this tiny bottle of coke, that one of us kids (we can’t remember which) had given my mom for christmas one year when we were little.

We all wonder if it’s real coke inside… I’m guessing not, since it’s at least 20 years old.

Someday when my kids are older and fighting… I am going to show them these pics as proof that at one time they really loved each other.  Plus it will totally embarrass them, so bonus!

December 21, 2011

santa 2011

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Took the kids to see Santa yesterday.  Moseley was excited until the moment it was our turn and then had to be coaxed into even sitting on Santa’s lap… he was not about to speak to him though.  Carmen did however, and told him a few extra presents that mommy didn’t know about.  It’s kinda hard when your kid’s christmas list changes day to day, depending on what advertisements they’ve seen that day.  Luckily I think I found the last Lalaloopsy mini in the state, so I think we’ll be ok.  Next year I think we’ll be sitting on santa’s lap earlier in the month. :)

December 4, 2011


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This year for thanksgiving I invited my Dad, step-mom Lisa, and little brother Matthew to our house for thanksgiving.  I made the meal, and I would say I’m almost a pro now, since out of about 7 of the 8 years we have been married I have made the entire  feast myself.  Don’t get me wrong… I prefer it that way.  I am a major control freak when it comes to the kitchen.   It is, however a ton of work.  I am pretty pleased at how it turned out.  Everything was tasty and delicious (excluding a few fails, but we won’t talk about spilled turkey brine or doughy rolls right now).

I brined the turkey in this recipe, then cooked it in a turkey bag… 17 lb turkey cooked in only 2 1/2 hours.  It turned out really good and moist, and it was super easy.


I also made this recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole… which is so good, it makes you forget your eating sweet potatoes.

I, of course, made a bunch of other thanksgiving classics but I can’t share the recipes because they are top secret (or maybe it’s because I am way too lazy to post them).

And don’t forget the pie!  Apple crumble, cherry and banana cream (last of which, I forgot to take pictures of and it was gone too fast to do it later), and lots of freshly whipped vanilla whip cream.


Here we are about to eat:


Please ignore that Lee is blurry, I am exhausted, carmen is bugged that she couldn’t sit by Uncle Matthew… in spite of all that, we had a really great time.

Earlier that day, while I was busy cooking up a storm, My step-mom Lisa kept the kids busy and out of my hair with a plethora of crafts… the most awesome of which was a ginger bread house that turned out really cute.


My favorite part was Moseley’s gingerbread (wo)man with the circus peanut bra. Ha Ha!


The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun too.  We went to see the muppets, went to the beach (it was 75 degrees in november!  This is why we live in southern california.), ate tons of leftovers,  and of course we did some shopping!  I love the holidays.


November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

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My Snow White, and my Max.

The kids had a blast trick or treating this year, although I could barely bribe Moseley to wear the costume I made him.  Oh well.  We all have colds so these were the best I could do as far as pictures go, we’ll try harder next year.



June 19, 2011

father’s day

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We didn’t know what to get Lee for father’s day this year, since he’s pretty much the man who has everything, so we just made him another video and cooked him some breakfast in bed.

I’d say it was a successful day. :)

I think Moseley did a good job closing out the video just right, it got a big laugh from his daddy.

March 17, 2011

happy st. patties day

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Top o the mornin’ to ya!


I have been wanting to try this beautiful cookie recipe that I saw on this other chick named Jana’s blog. Her valentine cookies are to die for.  Mine didn’t turn out quite so cute, but still fun.  The next time I make them I would probably buy actual cake piping bags, instead of cutting the tips of of some ziplocks, but I think they turned out alright in spite of the shoddy tools I had to work with.  They did turn out yummy.  Will I make betty crocker mix sugar cookies and slap some of my cream cheese frosting recipe on top next time?  Probably, but that’s just because I’m lazy like that (and have a slight obsession with cream cheese), but I did have fun doing this as a little change up.

January 9, 2011

christmas 2010

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I took Carmen to see santa, and she asked for a talking jessie doll.  When he asked if she wanted anything else, she said “no, just a jessie doll.”  Cute girl.
We drove to Utah for Christmas.  Moseley puked, and then we blew out our tire on a pot hole going 70, it was pouring rain.  Fun.  It was eventful to say the least.  After we got our tire and rim replaced (since both were broken), we were able to settle into the trip.

On Christmas eve we had dinner at my Mom’s house.  Turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole… so yummy.

Then we had a family talent show, and opened our christmas eve pajamas. The boys got batman, and Carmen got Little mermaid.

Oh and don’t think for a second that me and my sister got left out.  My mom got us some tweetie bird footie pjs.  Classic.

(I don’t think Lee’s ever wanted me more) :)

The big boys didn’t get pjs, so she got them remote control helicopters which they were practically giddy about.

My grandparents joined us for the festivities… This was the first time we’d seen them since their mission.  They even got to meet Moseley for the first time.

On Christmas morning, I was more excited than my kids were, and Carmen slept in forever!  Which I would have loved if Moseley hadn’t woken me up at 7.  Finally everyone was awake and we went to see that santa had come.

I’m not sure what’s happening here… I think she fainted from being too overwhelmed by presents.  Santa did go a little overboard this year, and I don’t think that will be happening again next year.

She did, in fact, get her Jessie doll.  And she says “Yee-haw!” and everything.


Later that night we had our traditional christmas dinner.  Mexican food  and orange Julius!  Sounds like a weird traditional dinner, I know… but it’s delicious and wouldn’t be christmas for us without it.

The kids put on the christmas nativity.  Carmen was an angel.

My Grandparents recently got home from their mission in palmyra new york where they worked as care takers in the sacred grove and surrounding areas.  My grandpa is an amazing wood worker, and was commissioned to make benches for the all around the Joseph Smith historical sites.  He also made rolling pins during that time for all of the granddaughters, out of wood from The Hill Cumorah.  He said we can have them as long as we use them to make pies for our husbands with them.  That shouldn’t be a problem for me. :)  Here is mine:

It is made out of butternut. It’s rad.  I am so glad I get to have something that my grandpa made, he is so talented.

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