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November 2, 2012


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This month was super fun and festive.  My mom came into town and we took a trip to the pumpkin patch… ya know, like ya do.

We got super gooey and carved up some punkins.

I helped the kids carve, as to not let small children play with knives and such.  Carmen says mr. star eyes here was “super scary!”.

And Moseley’s pumpkin was just a fancy gentleman.

We made the typical holiday sugar cookies for halloween and Carmen took some to her school for the harvest festival.  Apparently they were one of the very few homemade items there.  Kinda sad that nobody bakes anymore.  I really love it.

Then for the big day the kids donned their alice and mad hatter costumes and got ready to go to the trunk or treat.  But not before a little tea party/photo shoot.

Just half a cup if you don’t mind…

Mose was so unbelievably stoked that he got his own cotton candy at the trunk or treat.  And despite the no lighting situation, I love this next picture because of the look on Moseley’s face.

My husband got really amped this year about decorating the trunk… which was nice.  He doesn’t usually give a care about holiday festivities or things like that.  He even got Nightmare Before Christmas going on the dvd player, and won a trophy for best trunk decor (Thanks Tami ;)).

Unfortunately said super cool decorations drained our car battery, and we had to get a jump from the Dobrons.

Later we set out to trick or treat the neighborhood.  Moseley was stoked about the candy, that is until someone jumped out and scared the daylights out of the poor little guy.  I have never heard him scream/cry in fear like that before.  It really tore me up.  I am still totally bummed it happened, although he seems to be over it.  It traumatized me so much I didn’t even get an instagram of his face. ;)

After that Mose was pretty much over it, and just wanted to go home.  Luckily we had already obtained quite a large amount of loot…

Which is making me fatter and fatter every second, one fun sized kit kat at a time.


March 15, 2012

to commit to memory

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Moseley is getting to that funny stage… where he is old enough to talk, but not too old not to be hilarious all the time.  He doesn’t get regular naps because carmen’s kindergarten pick-up schedule is ruining my life (not really, but it is so annoying to have early pick-up day on wednesday).  Anyway he still gets tired enough every few days to need a little nap so he has found this spot on the couch that is his favorite.  If I ever can’t find him, and I am thinking he’s got to be getting into trouble because it’s too quiet in here, it’s not because he is trashing the house like Carmen would have been at that age, it’s because he’s burrowed down in the soft cushions and is taking a little siesta.

The other day he was eating fruit salad out of a tupperware and he says “I LIKE  kewets (carrots)!”  Hmmm… I think he was talking about the kiwi but he does like carrots, even if he wasn’t near any at the time.   Once in Hawaii, he came and climbed up to the kitchen bar and says to me “I want bacon and eggs, mom”.  It was so random, being that it was dinner time and there was spaghetti being cooked right in front of him, it really cracked me up.  I gotta say though, I do appreciate a man that knows exactly what he wants. :)

While flying home from hawaii, we must have signed up for the freak show plane ride from Kauai to Oahu, because there were many interesting characters.  Carmen was leading the way down the isle when she came across an older asian gentleman who was continuously smacking himself in the back of the head with his hand.  Carmen looks over at him like he was from mars (to be honest I was too,  what the heck is wrong with that guy).  Then not two rows past that there was a grizzled old cowboy with one eye.  And no he did not have an eye patch on  just a gruesome skin patch where his eye should have been.  Carmen takes one look at that and immediately grabs her eye in horror.  He just says “Move along, little girl” to her, and we proceeded to our seat.  Later she was asking us about it.  We explained that it is not polite to stare and point out people’s imperfections, which was why the man had talked to her at all.  She is such a tender hearted sweet girl, she got so embarrassed that she had done that, that it made her cry.  We obviously told her it was ok and to be fair,  I can’t say I blame her for reacting.  I mean what kind of cheap tickets did we buy to end up on the plane with these crazies?  Ha ha ha (I really am joking)

In our bed at home we have pillows that we sleep on, and then we have a bunch of other pillows to pile on top to look pretty and fluffy (you know, like we girls do), and those only get used if we are reading in bed.  The other day we were just shutting off the light and this is the time when we throw all those other pillows off and snuggle down into bed all sleepy.  On this particular night I hear Lee chuck a pillow across the room and hit the far wall, which was followed by “awwwwe man, that was MY pillow.”  all pitiful sounding.  I was laughing so hard, maybe it was just because I was so tired, but it still makes me laugh to think about it.

(I know I already posted this picture, but it deserves a little more play because my husband is so cute.)

March 11, 2012


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We had a really great time in Kauai last week.  My favorite part would have to be the shave ice, I am a little obsessed and we ate them every day.  We also got to lay on many white sand beaches.  I love the sand in Hawaii.  Here the sand is black and dirty and pretty much cannot be shaken off ever.  In Hawaii it is like the texture of graham cracker crumbs and just falls right off of everything.  Makes you almost want to take a big bite… almost. ;) Kauai is so green and beautiful.  I loved the scenery and every time I would get an awesome view, I would just think “It would be impossible to stay mad in a place like this”.

There were so many chickens and roosters, that love to come cock-a-doodle-do right outside your window in the middle of the night.  Luckily you get used to it after a few nights.  But they were like pigeons or something, just everywhere.

I got a bad bout of bronchitis that wiped out my voice for most of the week, which made it hard to catch up with old friends when your voice sounds like a 60 year old smoker with emphysema.  Luckily all I had to do was lay on beaches, because I would have had a hard time teaching a zumba class like that.  I had a great time catching up with our college friends.  Kat and Mikey let us stay at their huge beautiful home, and it was really awesome.

It rains every day in Kauai, but we still got plenty of sun.  And don’t think I left Hawaii without getting a spam, egg, and Portuguese sausage breakfast.  Apparently my kids “do not like SPAN!”  Ha ha, can’t say I blame them.  That stuff has a weird texture.

One day we took a nice long bike ride up this trail along the beach to this beautiful secluded beach called Donkey beach.  The guys went nuts trying to do tricks of the sand shelf that had formed, and it was hilarious to watch.  Carmen couldn’t quite make it back to town on her bike, so her loving daddy put her on his handlebars and carried her bike as he rode, all the way back to the bike rental shop.  He is the best.  Speaking of him being the best… Have I mentioned lately how awesome my husband is?  He is.  He would wake up early to get the kids breakfast so I could bask in bed reading and sleeping while the sea air wafted in my widows?  He also would also take the kids down the beach and play with them while I sunbathed.  He would put them to bed at night.  He would find me shave ice whenever I needed it.  I just love that guy.  How did I get so lucky?

Sorry my pics aren’t synced up with my story, but man that would just take way more effort than I am willing to put in.


December 29, 2011

(no) snow

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Once again we packed up our (mostly un-needed) snow gear and headed to utah for Christmas.  The kids were really excited to go to grandma’s house and see snow.  Unfortunately it was an unusually snow-less there this year, so Moseley never really got to throw a “no ball”.

 I did however attempt snowboarding anyway… which wasn’t my best idea.  I fell about 368 million times.  And that man made snow is not soft.  As soon as Lee ushered me up the closest lift he could find  I was swept back in time to the first time I went snowboarding with him, where I am at the top of a mountain peeing my pants (figuratively)  wondering how I am going to get down.  For some reason I thought that this time would be easier because I am in much better shape now and everything.  Nope, it doesn’t really matter what state of fitness you are in, when you are flinging your body into what feels like concrete at high speeds.  I woke up christmas feeling like I’d been in a car accident.  My neck and shoulders felt like I had whiplash.  Add to that a bad head cold, and the fact that I missed the last one of my mom’s wooden stairs while holding Moseley on my hip and fell into a crumpled heap,  I was feeling like an old lady.  The only way I would ever go near a snowboard again, would be if there was about 2 feet of fresh powder to break my fall.

Here are my best (but definitely not my only) bruises:

December 21, 2011

Family Pics Dec 2011

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November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

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My Snow White, and my Max.

The kids had a blast trick or treating this year, although I could barely bribe Moseley to wear the costume I made him.  Oh well.  We all have colds so these were the best I could do as far as pictures go, we’ll try harder next year.



October 17, 2011


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I actually didn’t die.  But my blog kind of did.  A lot has happened since the last time I posted, but luckily I suck so bad at taking pictures I don’t have that much to blog about, so I don’t feel all that overwhelmed.

I did actually get licensed to teach zumba like I said.

 I don’t have my own class yet, still trying to find the right fit for me.  I did a couple classes for my girlfriends on our girls trip… pictures of that will come in another post.

I missed blogging about Lee’s birthday.  The kids were super excited to wrap presents for him and it was pretty adorable to watch even if they did trash the place while doing it.

We’ve been to the beach a lot. (picture dump, sorry)

We took the kids to the (rip off) pumpkin patch at the mall, we ran out of tickets in about a half an hour, but the kids had fun.  And Moseley drove a little baby tractor like a champ.  He was very pleased with himself.

We got a trampoline to try and fight our kid’s addiction to video games.  Lee went out and had a slumber party on the trampoline with the kids,  which I was not about to do.  They got to have that sleeping outside experience, so that’s cool.

I dyed the tips of my hair pinks and blues… it’s subtly funky.

Here is a funny story about Carmen, One day she comes tearing into the room saying “Mom!  There is a Mouse under my bed!”  I was not happy because we have had rodent issues in the past, and if this time they were in the house instead of the garage, I was going to freak out.  So I ran up to look under her bed and this is what I found…





That was a long and random post.  I can’t promise to be better at posting, because come on.  but here is one more pic for you, just for good measure.

July 11, 2011

just another update

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Carmen is getting so big, she is so smart and spunky.  She is getting to the age where you can’t really get away with slipping stuff past her.  She has a question for everything, and wont take brush off answers anymore like “just because”, which is leading us into more adult conversations (always fun).  She loves dresses (still) and has something to say about her wardrobe every single day I try to dress her.  She loves all things girly like pink, and purple… but she also likes red and “turqu-lish” (turquoise).

The tooth fairy visited our house for the first time ever the other day.

Carmen had this loose tooth, and it already had the adult tooth growing behind it.  I was urging her to wiggle it a lot, but it just wasn’t seeming to want to come out on it’s own, so I bribed her to let me tie a string to it and rub some baby orajel  on it.  Once I got the string on, she decided she didn’t wan’t to pull it and asked if I would take it off.  I had purposely tied it on tight, so it would be hard to get off without pulling the tooth.  So faced with that (and the fact that I didn’t want to have to take her to the dentist to get it pulled)  I made a split decision to just yank it before she knew what was happening.  I will tell you, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  I would liken it to jumping off a cliff at lake powell or something.  My heart was pounding and I knew I just had to do it, or I’d chicken out.  It happened so fast that we weren’t sure if the string just popped off or what, but when I looked in her mouth, yep the tooth was gone.  Her first reaction was hysterical laughing, immediately followed by hysterical crying once she realized it was bleeding.  Two minutes later the bleeding stopped and she was back to being excited at the prospect of the tooth fairy coming.   I asked her if she was mad at me and she said no, so luckily there was no lasting trauma to her psyche.

In fact she was so excited that she ran in my room the following morning at 5:45 am to tell me that “The tooth fairy came and left a dollar under my pillow!” yaaaaaay. ;)

Moseley wanted to show me his teeth too, and he was really bummed that I wouldn’t tie a string to one of his teeth and pull it out too.

Moseley is getting cuter every day with his new found words.  He loves to rattle off full sentences, although nobody can understand him yet.  His vocabulary is growing all the time.  I thought it was cute the other day when he pushed his chair over to the counter to watch me wash all the new produce I had gotten from the grocery store.  He took one look at all the nectarines and grapes and such and said ” NUMMY ‘TUFF!” (yummy stuff) “I want some of that nummy ‘tuff!”

Also the other day he walked up to me and said “I wanna go to the o-ten to see the wa-er”.  (which took  5 minutes of him repeating himself for me to realize he was asking to go to the “ocean to see the water”)   We have been going to the beach a lot this summer, and he just decided randomly he wanted to go that day

He is obsessed with mario brothers (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).  He asks me all the time to turn on his game and when I do he stands there for about 3 minutes just humming and dancing to the theme music.  He is such a funny kid.

He has finally agreed to stay in his bed at night, which is so nice.  If I could just get him to stop screaming All The Time, things would be just perfect.  Carmen and Moseley are best buddies and they love doing everything together.  She loves being his “babysitter” and taking care of him.  Like she will carry him all the way from the gym to the car, even though he is almost as big as she is… she keeps plugging along.  She also love to dress him up… here she had picked all of us flowers to put behind our ears, and Mose would not be left out.

Look at that grin… he loves any attention from his sister.

I planted a tomato and herb garden this year, and it’s coming along nicely.

 And my first red tomato is just about ready.

I can almost taste that fresh tomato sandwich!  Why do garden tomatoes taste so much better than store bought?  I would pay way more for a tomato, if it tasted like it wasn’t picked green and allowed to ripen on a truck.

Lee still loves to take the kids golfing.  The other day he asked them if they wanted to go, and Carmen asks him what he was going to wear.  He shows her the light blue shirt and white shorts he will put on and she goes and finds a matching outfit out of her closet and puts it on.  It was seriously cute.  And watching her stretch out, and take practice swings just like her daddy, it was making me die a slow death of cuteness.   I wish I could have captured it on video.

June 19, 2011

father’s day

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We didn’t know what to get Lee for father’s day this year, since he’s pretty much the man who has everything, so we just made him another video and cooked him some breakfast in bed.

I’d say it was a successful day. :)

I think Moseley did a good job closing out the video just right, it got a big laugh from his daddy.


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We went to the U2 Concert the other night.  I like a few U2 songs, I wouldn’t call myself die hard, but it was still fun.  The concert was pretty impressive.

We decided to get out of there early to beat the traffic, but we could still hear the music very loudly (and Lee was all jazzed up on mountain dew) so he couldn’t help but to dance… the ENTIRE way back to the parking structure.  I only got it on video for a second, but it was pretty funny.

And the other voices you hear are strangers laughing at the loon dancing up the street.

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