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April 1, 2011

race car quilt/big boy bed

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I finished the race car quilt I was making for Moseley.  One word.  Intense.

I am still very new to quilting, but I saw this road map quilt that Eve made and thought it was so adorable, I wanted to make one for Moseley.  I thought “how hard could it be?” Ha ha, yeah.  Sewing curves are definitely way harder to get used to than sewing straight lines, but I like the way it turned out in spite of all of its imperfections.  It adds character right?

I loved picking out all of the cute car fabrics.  There are not a lot of cute boy projects out there, compared to what you can do for girls, so this was a refreshing change to do something boyish for my little man.

I thought these little cars on this Ann Kelle fabric were so cute,  I decided to use them for the back also.

I unveiled the quilt to Moseley, and he played for about one minute.  Oh well, I hope he’ll get more excited about it in the future.

He thought his mouth was a good way to hold three cars at once (I really hope hotwheels aren’t made in China).

Carmen wanted to get in on the fun  (and in fact played with it more than Mose did) so she went and found this little car she has had since she was 2.

It’s a purple polly pocket car, and it smells like grape.  Still, after 3 years, this thing still smells like candy.  How the heck do they do that?  I mean what kind of chemicals do they have to add to the plastic to get it to smell forever?  Boggles my mind.

As a coincidence, the same day I finished his quilt he learned to climb out of his crib.  Which is such a bummer because it means we have to go through one of those big transitions from baby to preschooler. This already makes me sad, that I no longer have a baby;  Then add to that a kid that won’t sleep and has free reign of the house at all hours of the night.  Ugh.  We have had less than full nights of sleep since it happened.  We decided to just do what we did with Carmen and turn his crib into a toddler bed and put a lock on his door.  Lee get’s worried because he thinks there will be an emergency and Mose won’t be able to get out, but I think it’s the same as having a baby in a crib who can’t climb out.  We still use the baby monitor, to make sure he is ok in there.  And this way he can’t wake up and let himself out the front door or something scary like that.

On a lighter note, I really wish I would have  had a video camera ready  to film his reaction to Lee taking off the front gate of his crib. He was so stoked, it was like he couldn’t believe it was possible to open up the crib like that. He was giddy.  He kept climbing up, laughing hysterically, jumping up and down yelling “My crib! my Crib!”  It was so funny.  I did get a couple pics of him as king of the mountain with my new iphone app Instagram (if you don’t have it, get it, it’s free and it’s awesome… like a mini photoshop to add filters to boring old iphone pictures instantly)

Then we got him all ready for bed and laid out his new quilt to play cars in his new bed.   I love his face in this next pic, you can just hear the car noises he is making, right?


March 22, 2011

doll quilt

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I had just enough scraps left over from the mermaid quilt I made for my sister to make Carmen a little doll quilt.

It was way more fun than making a big quilt because it was so fast and easy that it was an instant gratification kind of project.  It was also fun because it was small enough that I could make my own freehand  ocean waves when I  quilted it, which was a nice change from the straight lines I have been stuck doing so far.

I love seeing the kids fall in love with stuff I have made.  As soon as I gave it to Carmen, she laid it out on the floor to look at it and Moseley laid down on it all cozy like, which also made Carmen want to lay on it,  and before you know it they were both vying for a spot to lay on the tiny quilt.   I guess it’s time to make him his own quilt too.

March 14, 2011

hoot quilt

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For fun, made this baby quilt the other day.  I love these bright fabrics from moda’s “it’s a hoot” line.

I like the back even more than the front, probably because it is  hard for me to sew in straight lines, and I am a perfectionist {or, I would be, if I weren’t a mom :)}.

January 7, 2011

mermaid quilt

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I had been eyeing this Mendocino fabric for a while because I am in love with the mermaids and sea creatures prints, and it was in fuschia and mustard, two of my favorite colors.  Unfortunately  it’s out of print, and more pricey, so I couldn’t justify just buying it for no reason.  When I heard that my sister was having a girl, I jumped on the opportunity to buy this fabric to make her a quilt.  I like how it turned out.

October 10, 2010

good folks quilt

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My friend Lauren always has a knack for picking out cute fabric, and when I saw a quilt she had made from Anna Maria Horner fabric, I knew I wanted these colors in my house.

I am a little obsessive when it comes to projects.  Once I start I won’t be able to think of anything else.  It took me a week to make this quilt, however my days are already so full that I have to neglect something else in my life to be able to do it.   So this time it was the laundry and the gym.  If anyone else knows how to have a perfectly clean house, an amazing body, time to craft and read, time to cook a nice meal for the family each night, and also time for the children… please let me know how you do it, because I sure have not figured out that one yet.

October 16, 2008

the nest

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When the baby comes, I will be kicking Carmen out of her crib/toddler bed and into a big bed… and the new baby will get Carmen’s old diggs.

I figured cherry bedding is not acceptable for a boy, and since  I don’t really go for traditional boy stuff, I decided to make him a crib set.

I found some really cute twin size bedding at Ikea and decided to chop it up and make it into crib size bedding for the baby.

Once again I wish I could take a decent picture because it is cuter in real life, but oh well…

I made a white with black striped bumper.

Two pillows with the black white and red animals on one side and the stripe on the other.  As soon as I got done with the first one Carmen grabbed it from me and ran up stairs.  Later that night I found her own pillow tossed on the ground and the new one sitting nicely in its place. I have a feeling that she is going to have a hard time distinguishing what is hers and what is the new baby’s.

And I made a quilt. I put some red patches of minky on there for softness and color pop.

My favorite thing about this fabric was the little red birds.

I am really proud of myself for whipping these out, since I get frustrated so easily when I sew… But my machine was working really well, and I only had to do minimal seam ripping, which makes me exceedingly happy.  Plus my energy level is probably about as high as it will get during pregnancy, so I am stoked to be pretty much done with baby stuff (Well, the necessary stuff anyway). I’m sure I will eventually make some fun knitty stuff too.

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