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March 9, 2012

sleep sacks

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To try out my new serger I found this tutorial on pinterest…

Source: thismamamakesstuff.com via Niki on Pinterest

and had to make a bunch as baby gifts.  They are all made out of vintage T shirts.  I went a little crazy, and still have a few more I want to make,  but I don’t have THAT many friends having boys.  So, yeah, if you get some of these from me in the future when you get pregnant with a boy… act surprised. ;)


November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

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My Snow White, and my Max.

The kids had a blast trick or treating this year, although I could barely bribe Moseley to wear the costume I made him.  Oh well.  We all have colds so these were the best I could do as far as pictures go, we’ll try harder next year.



May 23, 2011


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My couch needed some serious pillow love, and I was feeling inspired.  So I brightened things up a little bit with these bad boys.

March 14, 2011

hoot quilt

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For fun, made this baby quilt the other day.  I love these bright fabrics from moda’s “it’s a hoot” line.

I like the back even more than the front, probably because it is  hard for me to sew in straight lines, and I am a perfectionist {or, I would be, if I weren’t a mom :)}.

January 7, 2011

mermaid quilt

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I had been eyeing this Mendocino fabric for a while because I am in love with the mermaids and sea creatures prints, and it was in fuschia and mustard, two of my favorite colors.  Unfortunately  it’s out of print, and more pricey, so I couldn’t justify just buying it for no reason.  When I heard that my sister was having a girl, I jumped on the opportunity to buy this fabric to make her a quilt.  I like how it turned out.

October 31, 2010

super halloween

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Maybe you already knew, and maybe not… but I have a slight obsession with the super mario bros.  I love everything mario, the smily faces on the distant hills, the black and white checkered floors… you name it.   Maybe it’s the geek in me but whatever,  when carmen asked me to if she could be princess peach this year, I got really excited.

I didn’t like the already made princess peach costumes online, and have a bit of an over confidence thing about thinking I can do anything if I put my mind to it… even if I have no prior experience in such things.  I sewed her this gown, which I ended up being happy with.  It is not perfect by any means, and I learned a lot sewing my first ever dress.  Umm, zippers?  Hello, hard.  But Carmen loved it, and when she puts it on she says “everyone is going to think I look fab-li-ous”.


So of course I had to make My little Mose the main Mario man himself. (I love the look on his face in that one)

I couldn’t resist making Lee the Luigi to Moseley’s Mario.  and I finished off the whole thing as toad the mushroom.

The kids had a ton of fun going to the trunk or treat with their cousin Claire.  Moseley was totally digging trying to say trick or treat, and getting handed as much candy as his heart desired.  He was in hog heaven.


Afterward Lee and I hit up a Halloween party sans kids, and I decided I would ditch the toad costume and be a sister wife with a few of my girlfriends.  For any of you who didn’t get to see this in person, here you go…

you’re welcome.

Legit, no?

October 10, 2010

good folks quilt

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My friend Lauren always has a knack for picking out cute fabric, and when I saw a quilt she had made from Anna Maria Horner fabric, I knew I wanted these colors in my house.

I am a little obsessive when it comes to projects.  Once I start I won’t be able to think of anything else.  It took me a week to make this quilt, however my days are already so full that I have to neglect something else in my life to be able to do it.   So this time it was the laundry and the gym.  If anyone else knows how to have a perfectly clean house, an amazing body, time to craft and read, time to cook a nice meal for the family each night, and also time for the children… please let me know how you do it, because I sure have not figured out that one yet.

October 16, 2008

the nest

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When the baby comes, I will be kicking Carmen out of her crib/toddler bed and into a big bed… and the new baby will get Carmen’s old diggs.

I figured cherry bedding is not acceptable for a boy, and since  I don’t really go for traditional boy stuff, I decided to make him a crib set.

I found some really cute twin size bedding at Ikea and decided to chop it up and make it into crib size bedding for the baby.

Once again I wish I could take a decent picture because it is cuter in real life, but oh well…

I made a white with black striped bumper.

Two pillows with the black white and red animals on one side and the stripe on the other.  As soon as I got done with the first one Carmen grabbed it from me and ran up stairs.  Later that night I found her own pillow tossed on the ground and the new one sitting nicely in its place. I have a feeling that she is going to have a hard time distinguishing what is hers and what is the new baby’s.

And I made a quilt. I put some red patches of minky on there for softness and color pop.

My favorite thing about this fabric was the little red birds.

I am really proud of myself for whipping these out, since I get frustrated so easily when I sew… But my machine was working really well, and I only had to do minimal seam ripping, which makes me exceedingly happy.  Plus my energy level is probably about as high as it will get during pregnancy, so I am stoked to be pretty much done with baby stuff (Well, the necessary stuff anyway). I’m sure I will eventually make some fun knitty stuff too.

October 6, 2008


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I made them for my hot construction worker to keep the rocks out of his boots at the job site…  I know it’s not that impressive, but I was pretty proud of my non-sewing self. (I made the camo part, if you couldn’t tell what a gaiter is.)

He said they work great, which makes me really excited to start sewing stuff for my little boy that’s coming!

I just thought this picture of Carmen eating breakfast with her daddy was so cute,  So I slapped it on here too.  She is just so happy.

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