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April 2, 2009


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Actual conversations that happen with my 3 yr old on any given day around our house, Here are the most recent:

  • Carmen: “Mom, can I have a panana?”
    Me: “Yes, but it is pronounced Ba-nana”
    Carmen: “Pa-nana.”
    Me: “No, Buh Buh Ba-nana.”
    Carmen: ” Buh Buh Ba-panana.”
  • I was watching twilight the other day (yeah what else is new) and it was the scene where they were in biology class and Carmen walked in and said ” Mom, this is High School Musical.”  I thought that was pretty smart of her to make that comparison… plus I think she might be on to something, singing and dancing Vampires = instant hit.
  • And then Last night while we were all in the bathroom getting ready, Carmen started rooting around my make-up bag looking for my shiny red lip gloss to put on.  Lee told her no, that she wasn’t allowed to wear make-up until she was 18.  Her response to that was “I’m sixteen years old… I’m not a child!”  She’s got me convinced.



February 2, 2009

girls weekend

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I have this really awesome group of girl friends.  img_2638

We have sewing night every other week to escape mommy hood for a few hours.  We pretend to sew or do other things crafty but really we just get together to gab.  Once a year we do a sewing night on steroids and ditch our kids and husbands and go away for the weekend.  This year we went to Huntington Beach.  Eve couldn’t come this year and we really missed her.

We ate lots of delicious treats,img_2636

did pedicures,img_2637

read magazines, and talked until the wee hours of the morning.

Here we are trying to make the cankles go away. img_2632

Since no houses in huntington have AC, my ankles were like coffee cans almost the entire weekend.

We got to watch a bootleg copy of Twilight on DVD, and yes Edward is still swoon-worthy even when he’s a little fuzzy. edward-and-bella

Then me and the other preggos almost put ourselves into labor by shopping all day.  It was really fun, and exhausting. I think every mom needs a weekend away to remember that she still a fun chick and not just the maid.  I am so glad I have a group of down girls to do that with.  I really love my beautiful, funny girlies.  We were even told by one of the store clerks that we should be on a reality show.  I agree… I am always super entertained by the antics that go on.


Luckily Chantel sent me these pictures so that I had something to document the weekend with, because of course, when Lee went to get a new battery for my camera, the dude gave him the wrong one.  So still no camera for me at the moment.

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