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June 25, 2010

a day in the life (carmen)

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Carmen is a very busy girl lately.

She tries on at least 10 different outfits a day, ranging from the clothes I put her in for the gym, dresses out of her closet, shirts and dresses from my closet, and princess dress-ups.  Needless to say, a lot of laundry has to get done around here.

She likes to “knit”… although her technique is still… developing.

She likes to garden, but only in her undies.

She just recently had her preschool graduation (although not really, since she still has another year before kindergarten).  Once again she wouldn’t put down the baby doll the whole time, but whatever.

She is filled to the brim with sass 90% of the time, but in that other 10% when she is just so charming and sweet, she totally makes up for it.

Carmen was helping me bake a blueberry pie yesterday (she LOVES to bake) she stirred the berries and helped roll the pie crust.  After dinner we were each eating a slice.

IMG_0780 by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman.

I asked her what she thought of the pie.  She replied

“Well, it’s…




(climbs out of her chair and slowly starts walking towards me)




THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HAD!!!!” (lunging at me and wrapping her arms around my neck)

ps. the pie recipe was from pioneer woman(also her pic, my pie was not as pretty)… and yes, everything she makes is seriously the best.  I go to her site almost every day to find something to make.


April 24, 2010


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Doesn’t watermelon just make you feel like summer?  It does for me.

April 22, 2010

here we go again

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From the other room I hear a sprinkling of some large amount of dry goods hitting the tile and came running to find Moseley dumping out the whole bag of raisin bran on the kitchen floor.

What the heck, bro?

He just looks at me like “What?  I wanted some cereal.”

(check out that sweet neck roll)

He is now entering into that curious stage of life where the world is his for the exploring.  So far it’s not as big of a deal with him as it was with Carmen.  She seemed to have a knack for pinpointing the exact moment mommy was distracted and attacking.  Granted he hasn’t hit 2 years old yet, but his personality is a little more chill, so I’m hoping his messes wont be as epic as I remember hers being.

Anyway, now she is just about the most awesome little kid ever.  She is so crafty and imaginative.  She cracks me up at the stuff she comes up with.

This is a castle she was building out of our couch pillows, a cardboard mailing tube, a snuggly blanket, a diaper, the xbox remote, and some bubble wrap. (no I have not mastered the manual setting on my camera yet… obviously)

Oh and that outfit is also her own creation.  She changes clothes no less than 4 times per day.  It must be a girl thing.

She is such a funny girl.  I just love her.

And as for my naughty little boy…  How could I get mad at this face?

April 20, 2010


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I found some funny spectacles for like $2 the other day, and had to buy them.

The kids had fun playing with them.

and if you were wondering why my children aren’t wearing clothes, it’s because we don’t conform to the mores of society.  Or it’s because Moseley is a really messy eater and we were having mangoes and watermelon.  Two very messy fruits.    As for Carmen, that girl strips down the second we get home anyway… so whatever.

April 4, 2010

easter rookie

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As a mom of two young children, I am stuck in weird spot.  I want to make holidays special for my kids, yet I know they are still pretty young… and don’t know any better, so I just want to coast for as long as I can.  I mean, soon they will be old enough to have expectations and… stuff, right?  So, I end up not planning ahead in any way, and then feeling guilty and going to the store the night before to make up for my lack of prep.

I did have a few small things, I bought the kids sand buckets instead of baskets because I was thinking I’d be practical… but then Lee and I started waxing nostalgic about our own baskets and how we both distinctly remember ours from when we were kids (his woven plastic, mine white stuffed fabric).  Which led to the aforementioned store run.  I got a few small toys to put in their new baskets.  A ham and stuff to make funeral potatoes.  I didn’t want to do a ton of candy this year because I am having slight problem with sugar addiction, and I don’t want to make it too much worse.  I did however buy a package of those mini Cadbury eggs and also some mini reeses eggs… just so my kids (translation: I) didn’t feel totally  gypped on the easter candy front.

I sneaked out early in the morning to hide the eggs thinking the sprinklers had already come on earlier… although the dryness of the grass should have tipped me off.  The second I had everything “hidden”, they came on (of course).  I dashed over and shut them off  to save whatever stuff hadn’t gotten wet yet.  I then went in and waited for Carmen to wake up.  When she did, I showed her the new dress her daddy picked out for her (not for easter… just for fun), she wanted to put it on.  After she was all ready,  we went out  to hunt.  I’d say about an hour had passed since I had put the candy out.

We got out and I started looking around thinking “What happened to all the candy?”  Just then we saw a crow land and make off with one of the last few pieces.  Sweet.  The only thing left were the real eggs, some confetti eggs, and 4 (out of about 30) foil wrapped candy eggs.  WHAT THE HECK!   I remember back when I worked at the golf course I saw those crows fly off with all kinds of stuff.  One guy set his hot dog on the seat of his cart, went back to get some ketchup and by the time he got back a crow had snatched the dog right out of the bun. Them things are crafty!  I should have known better.

So, I guess we’ll be doing things a bit differently next year.  The easter bunny will be told to strictly stay indoors. 

Luckily for me, the kids are still young enough, that they still had fun.

This was Moseley’s first experience with easter egg hunting… he dove right in, and for not even being able to walk yet, he loved it.

Daddy tried out the new bubbles. He commented to me about how impressed he was with the “new technology” in bubbles.   Millions of bubbles from only one dip of the wand!  Amazing! :)

Hmm this looks tasty… let’s try it…

Uh… hey Carmen…

Here, I found a really good one, just for you.

Later, we were just sitting down outside to eat our feast when we started to feel some shaking.  Me and Lee looked at each other and at the same time realized we were having an earthquake.  I’ve never experienced one outside before.  The ground was moving in waves and it gives you the strangest feeling of vertigo.  It lasted a while  probably 40 seconds or so, but no harm done in the house.  Carmen couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on.

We finally sat down to eat and since it was so windy outside, the food was cold and my potatoes were under cooked!  Like I said… rookie.

Actually though, I had a lovely day.  I got to spend it cooking in the kitchen around my family, listening to general conference.  Afterwards we got to clean up together and dance around the kitchen while listening to tunes.  I loved it.  Next year, I’ll try a little harder to not be so lame.

March 19, 2010

i have an idea

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At preschool, Carmen got one of those little guys with the sticky hands and feet that you throw against the wall and they stick like a gecko.

She was playing with it and threw it up against the ceiling.  Of course, it stuck, and was not coming down any time soon.  The conversation that followed went something like this:

Carmen: “Mom, can you get that down?”

Me: “No, I’m not tall enough to reach it.”

Carmen: “What are we going to do?”

Me: “Well, we’ll have to find something long enough to get it down with.”

Carmen: “Wait, I have an idea… We’ll get a seesaw and put it under there.  Then I’ll get on one side and we’ll throw Moseley on the other, and I can go up there and get it.”

Ha!  At least I know little brothers are good for something in a big sister’s eyes.

p.s. we did get it down, I just had to precariously balance on a bar stool to get it, and the day was saved… without the use of baby projectiles. :)

March 17, 2010

the snob

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So this little boy has developed a very distinguished palate…  He apparently is going to be my picky eater.  We like to call him the food snob.   He is selective on the foods he’ll eat, If it doesn’t look quite right to him, he gets rid of it.  The stuff he’ll eat also changes from day-to-day.  He likes fruit, yogurt, and bread.  Randomly he’ll eat other stuff, but he wont even eat foods that I thought he’d go gaga over like french fries or chicken nuggets (which is good for his future, bad for when we are stuck in the car and need something to keep him quiet).

Moseley doesn’t just refuse to take whatever food I am offering, in fact he reaches out for it like he wants it and then exaggeratedly throws it on the ground. It reminds me of the SNL digital short of Andy Sandberg “threw it on the ground” (if you are sensitive, stop watching at the 2 min mark, since Saturday night live does love to push the envelope a little).  I think of this video every time he does it.

March 15, 2010


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When we got to this house the people before us had left us all kinds of interesting things in the back yard, and while I’m not really able to refurb half a treadmill, or a deflated Thomas the train kiddie pool,  I was able to help out a little kid table that was back there.  So I did, and here is what it looks like now:

I wanted to give it a little Mario bros feel, and since I was limited in the colors available in plastic paint,  I decided to go with mushrooms.

I am not great at painting… but I think they are considerably better than the original, which looked like this:

(the table had been spray painted this really lovely hunter green, although I bet that little lime green stool had been pretty cute in its day, if the rest of the set had matched it)

Since I am being crafty… I might as well post the pic of my little “bride”:

Carmen is obsessed with all things marriage lately, and was walking around with a doll blanket as a veil, so I whipped her up this purple one with some left over tulle I had lying around.  Now she walks around the house with it on saying “Now… Who is going to be my king?’  She is such a funny girl.

March 14, 2010

the move

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So, we finally moved two weeks ago.  I was a little bummed to pack up all my stuff and move it again.  It is the worst ever.  It forces me to get organized… and I hate organizing! :)

We moved into a much smaller more manageable house.  There were a lot of things I loved about my last big house, like my  huge kitchen with an island, and my warm wooden floors.  After all is said and done though, it was too much for our little family, and I really love our new place.  Sure it has white walls, and a lot of circa 1990s brass fixtures and such, but there is a lot I like about it.  The back yard is one of the things I love.

It is so green  with large mature trees (if you ever saw the swampy wasteland that was my last backyard, you’ll understand why that is important to me).  It is the perfect place for the kids to go play.  And it has a lemon tree!  Sigh.  I love it.  So beautiful.

Another thing I love is the smaller square footage.  That may seem weird, but my last house was way too overwhelming for me to keep clean.  And while now I have had to get rid of a ton of stuff, every day my life feels a little more simple.  Which is good for my chi.

The location has made my life a lot easier as well, because we are still in the same ward, but we are right next to my gym and Lee’s office, which is super convenient.

I also rewarded my self by buying some new quilts for Carmen’s and my  bed.  I needed something pretty to look at every day.

Here is Carmen’s room, I love how the kids follow me around and help me take pictures. :)

And here is mine:

My Camera battery died before I could get a picture of the whole thing, but you get the idea. :)

February 26, 2010

happy birthday carmen

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Happy Birthday Carmie!

I love you, little girl.  Thanks for being born!

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