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October 17, 2011


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I actually didn’t die.  But my blog kind of did.  A lot has happened since the last time I posted, but luckily I suck so bad at taking pictures I don’t have that much to blog about, so I don’t feel all that overwhelmed.

I did actually get licensed to teach zumba like I said.

 I don’t have my own class yet, still trying to find the right fit for me.  I did a couple classes for my girlfriends on our girls trip… pictures of that will come in another post.

I missed blogging about Lee’s birthday.  The kids were super excited to wrap presents for him and it was pretty adorable to watch even if they did trash the place while doing it.

We’ve been to the beach a lot. (picture dump, sorry)

We took the kids to the (rip off) pumpkin patch at the mall, we ran out of tickets in about a half an hour, but the kids had fun.  And Moseley drove a little baby tractor like a champ.  He was very pleased with himself.

We got a trampoline to try and fight our kid’s addiction to video games.  Lee went out and had a slumber party on the trampoline with the kids,  which I was not about to do.  They got to have that sleeping outside experience, so that’s cool.

I dyed the tips of my hair pinks and blues… it’s subtly funky.

Here is a funny story about Carmen, One day she comes tearing into the room saying “Mom!  There is a Mouse under my bed!”  I was not happy because we have had rodent issues in the past, and if this time they were in the house instead of the garage, I was going to freak out.  So I ran up to look under her bed and this is what I found…





That was a long and random post.  I can’t promise to be better at posting, because come on.  but here is one more pic for you, just for good measure.


March 15, 2011


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This post has no rhyme or reason to it… there are just a few things I felt like blogging about, that don’t seem like enough to  merit their own post so they all are getting crammed in here.

First off, I found some photos of the kids I took in some of the 3 (yes THREE) different photo shoots I did in december trying to get a decent ONE to send out in a christmas card (and I still ended up having to photoshop the sucker stick out of moseley’s mouth in the one I did send, so yeah, they are angels).

I thought these were all cute, but weren’t right for the card so they got cut, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some play here on the old bloggy blog.

Next on the agenda La La Loopsy dolls.  Carmen loves them and has a bajillion of them.  This is partly because she likes and asks for them for birthdays and such, and partly because I think they are the most adorable doll on earth… and I want them for myself.   I wish that you could buy the houses pictured on the boxes because they are so perfect and cute.  The attention to detail is just amazing.  I can get behind a brand that you can tell takes pride in the product they are selling.

She got this mini one for her birthday (from her friend Jax) and it fit perfectly on this little doll bed (complete with home sewn pillows and blankets) that my awesome sis-in-law Melinda made her for Christmas.

Lastly, have you read the Iron fey  series by Julie Kagawa yet?  My sis-in-law Britani recommended it to me.   It’s a book about faeries.  Not the small winged fairies, regular sized super hot guy faeries. Ok Ok, so ,yes it is a guilty pleasure book, but so what.  If you need a fun beach read, this is it.  I haven’t read a series I enjoyed this much in a while.  The last book in the series comes out this summer and I am dying for it.  So pick it up and swoon like a 14 year old with me, will ya?

August 19, 2008


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I have been really slacking at my blog, and commenting on everyone else’s. I just want you all to know, even if I don’t comment all that often anymore doesn’t mean I don’t like to read your blog… I am just too lazy. I mean there are a LOT of blogs out there, and I love keeping caught up on everyone’s life, (especially since I seem unable to pick up a phone) but it all catches up with me and blogging is the first thing that flies out the window.
I didn’t do a post about mine and my husband’s 5th year anniversary last weekend, and since we only watched our wedding video to celebrate, it seemed a little un-noteworthy. But it is, so Happy 5 years Honey! Hopefully next year one of us can pull our heads out in time to actually make it special.

The day we got engaged in San Fransisco.

The day of engagement pictures, not the one we sent out obviously, but since I have posted that one before I thought I would throw in an outtake. I don’t know what we’re doing, but I love that Lee looks smoldering, and I look like I am sneaking up on him.

The big day.

The honey moon in Ixtapa Mexico, complete with giant lizards, and sunburns.

The just hitched shot.

I love you babe, 4 real.

I also didn’t blog about our good friends Kat and Mikey, and Steve and Sarah coming to stay with us (another reason we kind of blew off our anniversary… Not your fault Kat). It was fun, we spent the weekend at the beach, I sunburnt the crap out of my self, and we ate some good food. Plus it is always fun to reminisce about the good ol’ days.


I made a new beanie for my shop and sold it to Lauren, who gave it to someone with the hook-ups… Because the photographer was super nice and gave me the images to use in my shop. They are really adorable. So here it is (I also made another beanie just like it to actually post in my shop)

Photos by Candice Brooke Photography

(I am sorry wendy, I will only cheat on you this once:) )


Oh and one more thing…

Is this something I should be concerned about?

July 8, 2008

Getting to know me

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I guess today is tag day. So here is another one.
How to play the game. Post these rules on your blog: List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections, and 3 Random surprises about yourself. Tag five people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 Joys
1. Carmen and Lee
2. The chime on my phone letting me know I got a comment on my blog, or made a sale in my etsy shop… I don’t know why but it is really exciting.
3. Knitting, it is so relaxing and yet I still feel like I am being productive. I love all the beautiful yarns, and how a combination of little loops can create something amazing and original that wasn’t there before. Plus the repetitiveness of it calms some of my ocd tendencies.

3 Fears
1. a disaster striking and not being able to get to Carmen in time.
2. That I am not a good enough mom, that I don’t feed Carmen all the really healthy foods I should, and that I don’t spend enough one on one time teaching her and playing with her (yeah and this blog thing is really helping the cause)
3. That something will happen to Lee in any one of his adventure sports that he loves so much, yet hates to wear a helmet doing.

3 Goals
1. Have at least one more kid (if you know how hard my pregnancies are, you know this is a big one for me… we are trying anyway though)
2. To get organized and be that person who is always on top of my cleaning, shopping, remembering birthdays, etc.
3. To be more spiritual, read my scriptures and pray more, and be able to focus when I go to church so I can feel like I actually went there to learn something.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

1. Yarn, somehow over the past few months I have collected quite a stash of yarn. My husband helped me organize my craft room the other day and was quite surprised to see how much I actually have. A lot of it I have had to buy because I don’t know if I will get another chance to stock up since they don’t seem to make the colors of licorice yarns I like anymore. Some of it was learning what kinds of yarns I acutally like. And some of it was just pure indulgence.

2. I will still say the office, even though it isn’t on right now and I am forgetting what I ever saw in TV.

3. Twilight of course… I can’t even help myself.

3 Random Surprises About Yourself
1. I get semi-offended when people trash on breastfeeding, I feel like I don’t judge people who don’t breast feed, so don’t judge me if I decide to breastfeed over 1year. (for anyone who doesn’t know I breastfed Carmen till she was 15 months old, and wished I could have done it for longer)
2. I love to wear a new outfit, it just makes me feel so much better!
3. I hate email forwards… unless you immediately think of me when you see one and are addressing it to only me, don’t put me on your huge list of people you forward every random thing to.

Ok that last one was really hard, because there aren’t many secrets left after having this blog for a few years, and those secrets were lame but whatever.

I am not going to tag anyone in particular, just anyone who needs something to blog about.

*follow-up: I guess my breastfeeding comment did spark a little heat! What I really should have said was that I think people should be supportive of other people’s choices on the matter, and try not to make alienating comments. On a side note I saw on the soup a lady that was breastfeeding an 8 year old, now not to totally just contradict myself, but ew! Now that is pushing the limits of what is appropriate and what’s not. I mean where do you draw the line- College?

June 27, 2008


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We are out of here, for a week and a half. We are headed to Utah for my grandparents 50th Anniversary. Then we are headed to northern California to spend the forth with my dad. So peace homies!
I am really excited to see my family, but let’s be honest, I am also really excited to eat at all the food places I like in both places. Mostly Mexican food. Them Mormons really know how to make a burrito! Just kidding, I don’t really order burritos at most of these joints, and they might not even be Mormons… But it doesn’t stop me from being excited. I am stoked for the tortilla soup at the classic Utah favorite… Cafe rio. The honey shrimp taco’s at bajio’s. The burgers and fries at taco amigo, mostly because of the rockin’ fry sauce. And in nothern california I love the super burritos from el belazzo (kinda like chipotle only better), and some good sea food down at the fisherman’s warf. I likes me some food… Obviously.
Don’t worry though I’ll be missing you too :)!

June 17, 2008

Fathers Day/ US open

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Lee’s brothers came down this past weekend to go to the US open.  So I got to spend father’s day with four dads.  I made them a huge breakfast father’s day morning, and then shipped them all off to the golf tournament.  A few minutes later Lee walked back in the house and asked me if Carmen and I wanted to go because they had some extra tickets. I thought this may be my only chance to ever see Tiger Woods in real life so I said yes.  We ended up having a great time… Which we weren’t sure was going to happen since I am not much of a sports fan, but this was actually fun.  It was a ton of walking and jockeying for the best position to see Tiger but it was worth it to see those few really exciting moments.  Like when tiger was on the last hole and he has to make a putt to tie the score and go onto a playoff the next day.  Here is a picture Garth took with his cell phone… that he had to sneak in… in Carmen’s stroller… Without me knowing!  It’s of Tiger getting ready, you cant really see that it’s Tiger and his caddy on the green, but it is, and you can also see the throngs of people around us.

There were 60 thousand people there with us, so we found a spot where all my tall guys could see and I stood on Carmen’s stroller so I could see.

It was pretty exciting because a few moments before he goes to putt the entire crowd goes dead silent.  With 60,000 people holding their breaths at the same moment, it is pretty intense.  Then he makes the putt and the place just goes nuts with mayhem.

It was pretty fun.  We had to go back the next day to watch the playoff.  Two days of pushing Carmen around a golf course was pretty interesting… Especially when they players go to hit and everything is silent. We had to keep telling her “shhh… baby’s sleeping”  Because that’s the only way to get her to whisper.  And if she yells out during a shot, it’s not like at church when your kid starts singing twinkle twinkle mid prayer and surrounding people just smile understandingly… Golf fans get ticked.  She was actually surprisingly good the whole time though.

I am glad I went.  I got to see Tiger walk about 3 feet in front of me, so that was cool.

Coming from someone who is not a fan of anything sports related, going to the tournament was a pretty good father’s day gift for Lee, I think.

April 7, 2008

incomplete thoughts

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I have all these things floating around in my head, I knew I wanted to post them, but I wasn’t sure any one thing merited a whole post… since none of it is particularly exciting. So here is a whole mess of crap that has happened lately.

I need to post about some of the cute things Carmen has done lately. Her new thing is that she has to do everything just like daddy. Now when I hand her a drink or an ice cream cone she says “this is my coke”. Even though she has never actually tasted coke, but since that is what daddy has, it’s what she has too. It used to be that when she woke up she would ask “is daddy at work?” now she asks “is daddy at the golf course?” because she knows how much he loves golf, and she loves to golf with daddy. She refers to me and Lee as “Babe”. Whenever she does anything it’s as if she is talking to someone else besides herself. For example she ripped one of her mickey stickers today and said “oh no, you ripped it!” or if she wants me to carry her she says “I want to hold you”. I have to watch her every minute because she loves to climb up the drawers and onto the high counter tops to look through the cupboards. She also likes to climb up and make toast. She opens the bread bag, takes out a slice, puts it in the toaster and pushes down the lever. Then she is always sure to warn me “It’s berry hot momma, it’s super hot… don’t touch it!” and if I am not careful she likes to open the butter dish and eat butter by the fistful… Yummy I know. She gets taller and leaner by the day, soon all the baby will be gone, and all I will have left is a beautiful little girl, which is bittersweet. I love to see her grow, it is awesome, yet it’s sad to see my little baby disappear before my eyes.

We went to the park the other day, and since Carmen and Kaia were playing so well together we ended up staying for a long time. After chasing each other around the entire park and playing in the water feature they decided to take a little rest…

We stayed at the park until 2 pm and decided the fun wasn’t over yet, and since Carmen and Kaia have the most awesome moms ever, we decided to hop in the car and take an impromptu trip to Disneyland. One of the huge perks of living in southern California. It seems like going that late wouldn’t be worth it, but actually it was one of the best experiences at Disneyland so far because there was no line for the elevator, the tram, or the entrance to the park. We walked in and got to see the new pixar parade, which was cute except for the fact that every float sprays you with water… obviously not designed by a mom. There weren’t many long lines. Plus we left about 30 min before the park closed so there was no line for the tram going back to the parking structure either. It was probably the least annoying trip anyhow. Another good thing is there is a sonic in Anaheim, so I got to get a watermelon cream slush… which are my favorite.

Me and some of my friends have been talking about selling some of our hand made projects at the local farmers market on Wednesdays. I agreed to do it because of my love of beautiful woolen things… but now that I realize it is an actual business, I am getting very nervous. That is why it seems like I haven’t done much knitting latley, because I have been trying to bulk up my inventory. I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to chicken out on this whole deal yet and I don’t have any models for these projects, but here are some pictures anyway:

woolly cell phone socks

Alpaca cable hand bag

Mustard purse ( I may just keep it because the seaming isn’t great but I still like the purse)

Olive purse ( I haven’t finished the lining and seaming on this one yet, but it will look similar to the yellow one.)

Berry beanie ( baby Size)

Chocolate beanie with bill (adult size)

Skittles beanie (baby size) I already sold this one to Wendy so there is a start…

Baby clouds beanie (newborn size)

Candy beanie (baby size)

Boy Beanie (toddler size)

April 1, 2008


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I found this on moore cowbell , I thought it was awesome so I had to steal their idea and make a sign for my blog!

Go here


if you think you can make a better church sign (I’m sure you can!)

Although it is a tricky website to make blogger fodder of because you have to jump through all the loop holes just to get the picture onto your friggin’ blog without it erasing your whole post 3 effin times.  Hence the no linkage.

March 29, 2008


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I happened upon this random blog ,of a really funny girl I don’t know, and found these motivational posters, I couldn’t help but to pass them along to my ladies because it’s some of the funniest shizz I’ve seen in a while.


You may be cool…but you’ll never be 4 popped-collars cool.

Rock Bottom

You’ll know it when you get there.

And this last one just reminds me of my sister…


When you get sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead.

Oh and P.S. I don’t recommend getting distracted by writing a post like this and forgetting to check on your 2 year old for 5 minutes…

November 2, 2007


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Is it sad that today is the first time I realized that our kiddie pool got blown away in the crazy windstorms we had almost 2 weeks ago?

Yes I am a little pathetic right now.

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